Monday, February 26, 2007

New Feature

Thanks to our sponsor Bet US, we were able to purchase a stat tracker and a fully automated electronic scorecard that we will use for the 2007 season including spring training.
Just like the pros, I will use spring training to fully prepare myself on the features of this program so I can bring you the most complete and accurate stats possible.
After every game I will provide a link to a copy of the scorecard for you to look over and even print out.

Later this week I will offer a preview of a scorecard covering game 7 of the 2003 ALCS.



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Sunday, February 25, 2007

A-Rod Struggles

Last year Alex Rodriguez failed to produce in the clutch and we let him know that. Tonight on Fox 5 News, they asked "Is this the year Alex Rodriguez finally comes though in the clutch?"
Some comments made sense, others, well, it seemed like they didn't know what they were talking about.

Here are the unedited comments received including mine:

-Everybody has a dream!

-I think A Rod had a lot better year than most Yankee fans give him credit for. Sure he had a big slump but if you look at his numbers for the season, including defense, he earned his keep.

-As long as Alex continues to receive harsh treatment from Yankee fans, his results will not change... I think a lot of Alex's game has to do with the mental aspect of things, and he is not getting much help from the Yankees in that regard. Will he come through in the clutch? No, not as long as he's playing in pinstripes.

-If he can handle the pressure and not worry about expectations then maybe he might be able to come through in the playoffs. He's a great regular season player but he has to learn how to ignore the fans and media for him to win a ring in New York.

-I think that after last year's disappointment, Arod will be motivated to work harder at being clutch. As I remember, I heard him say during many interviews that he would work very hard this year to make sure he would be a reliable hitter, not to metion have a monsterious season in 2007.

-Clutch is derek Jeter not A-Rod!

-alex is not all that bad he is a good guy who can play ball. well at least better then thoes who critizes him.

-I think so. A-Rod had an "off year" considering his .290/35/121 campaign. Players go into slumps one time or another in their careers.
A-Rod will have a break out season this year and a good first round draft pick for you fantasy team owners.

BronxBloggers, Long Island

-A-Rod should concentrate less on causing problems on the team and casting people in a bad light through the media and more on his game... not everyone can play in NY (the big time)... dont worry A-Rod Randy Johnson could not hack it here either...


-My opinion is yes. As long as the Yankee fans stop booing him every time he makes an out or an error. He's just too talented to consistantly struggle in the clutch. A great example of this would be Peyton Manning winning his 1st superbowl. We just have to make him feal at home, like he belongs in pinstripes, even if he doesn't.

-I beleive A-rod will step it up this year, but the most important factor is having Yankee fans support him, rather than booing him every opportunity possible.

-it better be the year A-Rod comes around...NY waited long enough its about time he comes through big in the clutch...he also needs ta stop tryna make friends and just play the game like we pay him 2 - Ben Dover, Elmont

-Arod Can't take the media pressure in NY. He has the ability, but not the mental stability to be able to produce under pressure. That's why we have Derek!

-i feel if the media stops trying to live his off the field life and stops critizing him for everything he does then yes he will come through when needed the most...personally i dont care where a-rod is after the game and niether should the media! let A-ROD be!!


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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Damon a Wrestler?

It looks like Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon is making wrestling news as he is guest fighting on TNA Impact's Pay-per-view event "Against All Odds" this Sunday night.


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Spring Soap Operas

As the Field Turns presents...

...Randy Johnson return to his love after having an affair with New York.
...Gary Sheffield extracts revenge after leaving to Detroit.
...Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez no longer have the same feelings they have had for each other.
...Mariano Rivera, respect him, or leave him.
...Bernie Williams stood up Brian Cashman.

Let's start with the Big Unit. He claims that the New York media is the fault of his poor pitching. Whether he sits out an injury or pitches in pain, he still is a not the image he thinks he needs to be in the eyes of New Yorkers. Apparently Johnson is happy back in Arizona. Then again he has won a World Series title, World Series MVP, and pitched a perfect game with the Diamondbacks.
Gary Sheffield was traded to the Tigers in exchange for a few young guns and is already having that Sheffield swagger that follows him. Gary has criticized Joe Torre for his ALDS decisions that eventually led to the Yankees "doom". Sorry Sheff, I don't see you managing a baseball team, so do your job as a player. And besides, it was perfectly sane for Torre to place A-Rod eighth, do you see his playoffs stats?

Derek Jeter has come out and said that his friendship with Alex Rodriguez is not as strong as it used to be. So what. They are still friends and no matter what, they have to perform as team mates and win ball games. The only reason why I would see the two not be best of friends, is due to the fact that they are in fact team mates and their styles may be conflicting with each others.

Mariano Rivera has said that if he is not respected, aka does not get enough money, he will start talking to other teams. I doubt Rivera will be with another team, but if he does, my rumor has it Humberto Sanchez could very well be trained as a closer, but is grooming up for a starters role in the minors. Don't forget that Rivera used to be a starter from 1995-1996.

And the last episode of As the Field Turns, Bernie Williams has decided to decline the spring training invite, or so GM Brian Cashman says. Claiming that you didn't have to be stupid to know that he declined the invite. Bernie Williams is still sitting at home waiting for a guaranteed roster stop, but unfortunately, that offer is not coming. Face the facts Bernie, its retirement time. We all loved watching you grow from a rookie, to a World Series hero, and a season saviour, but it's time to let go. Hopefully a position will open on the managerial side, but one can only hope. It took Don Mattingly nearly ten years to be back in pinstripes.

Here's what you can expect on future episodes of As the Field Turns:

Joe Torre stands up to his father figure only to find his true self.
Carl Pavano and Mike Mussina's rocky relationship spills in the locker room.
An unexpected visit from an unexpected friend creates chaos on the field.


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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Scapegoats and Excuses

What defines a superstar?
A superstar goes out to do his job and help his team win, playing through personal problems and injuries.
We thought Randy Johnson was a superstar.
We though that he wouldn't let things get to him.
We thought that he would help.
We thought wrong.
Randy Johnson is now blaming the New York media for his bad two years in stripes. He claims that if he sat out, the media would eat him up, if hew pitched, the media would eat him up.
Randy, the only reason why the media is after you is for two reasons. One, you started the whole situation when you first came to New York. Remember that altercation?
Second, like Alex Rodriguez, you are considered a superstar. We paid you to excel, not allow five runs per game.
Ok, you were injured.
Sit out. But wait, then the media will toss you around like an Anna Nicole Smith custody battle.
Here is a list of players that were injured during the 2006 season:
Johnny Damon, Gary Sheffield, Mike Mussina, Hideki Matsui, and Robinson Cano.
I don't recall the media attacking those players for their injuries.
But if you want to blame the media for yo poor performances, go ahead. Is it possible that you're not as good as you once were? Is it possible that you are no longer a superstar?
Don't blame the media, blame yourself.


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pitchers, Catchers Report

At the time of this posting, New York City is expected to get hit with the first snow storm of the winter an temperatures drop in the 20s.
At the time of this posting, Tampa Bay has patches of drizzly rain and the temperature is in the high 60s.
Now don't you wish you tried a bit harder in high school to catch the scouts eyes?
Yankees (and Diamondbacks) pitchers and catcher reported to their respective training facilities. For the Yankees, it is Legends Field in Tampa Bay, Florida (ty fucktard anon comment).
Kei Igawa took center stage for this is his first major league spring training assignment, the Japan import was signed by the Yankees a few weeks after the Red Sox signed Dice-K (I can't spell his name, so deal with the shortcut).
Although Dice-K is statistically better than Igawa, they will have to pitch it out during the season and throw the rivalry in the Rookie of the Year just as A-Rod and Papi went head to head for the 2004 MVP.
Another name that has recently made headline is the future of Mariano Rivera. The 37-year old Panama native has not mentioned anything about a return for 2008, but has said that he would like to finish his career in pinstripes but will leave if he is not respected through his contract.
Other notables making their spring debut are Andy Pettitte and Carl Pavano who will have to do an American Idol-like audition for a spot in the rotation.
Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Miguel Cairo have also reported to camp early.


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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Final Year?

The end of the 2007 season will mark some highs, lows, and questions for the Yankees organization.
Apart from winning their 27th World Series title over an opponent to be determined later, and yet another freak injury barring Pavano from another season, we will see three players possibly changing their stripes for other uniforms.
We already know that Bernie will not be in the lineup this year. Face it, but that's how it works. However, in eight months from now, we could lose Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez, and Mariano Rivera.

Everyone has their views on A-Rod, and I even posted it a while back so I won't get into much with him. He's had an off year, and he's had one of those before while with the Seattle Mariners.

Jorge Posada is aging and even though we have a couple catchers in the minors preparing for their big call up, they still need a veteran to learn from and lead the way to a successful backstop career. Posada came up huge when he replaced Joe Girardi in 1999, chasing Yogi Berra's home run record for most by a Yankees backstop and getting a huge hit in game four of the 2003 ALCS versus Boston.

Mariano River has been the most dominate closer in Yankees history without any argument, and one of the best all-time. His 413 saves along with a 2.26 career ERA, not including his microscopic post-season ERA and his two DHL Delivery Man of the Year Awards marks the legacy of a future hall of fame player.
Hear this! Rivera will get re-signed for one of two reasons.
One: We have no one any where near as great as Mo in the farm system or a young reliever the Yankees can acquire through trades or free agency.
Two: Who can pretty much secure a playoff win with his presence?


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Friday, February 09, 2007

Hank Bauer

Hank Bauer (pictured left of Stengle), a key component of seven New York Yankees World Series championship clubs, died Friday after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 84.
Bauer played 14 seasons in the Major Leagues from 1948-61, his first 12 with the Yankees. A three-time All-Star outfielder, he batted .277 with 164 home runs and 703 RBIs in 1,544 games, and helped the Yankees to nine American League pennants.

A strong runner and fielder with a powerful arm, Bauer became an accomplished Major League manager after his playing career. He earned Manager of the Year honors at the helm of the Baltimore Orioles in 1964 and 1966, including one World Series title.

Bauer was traded to the Kansas City Athletics as part of a deal that brought Roger Maris to the Yankees prior to the 1960 season. While Bauer's association with the club ended, his friendships with many Yankees teammates endured for decades.

Bauer guided the Kansas City Athletics in 1962 and 1963, then moved on to spend five years with the Orioles before finishing his managerial career with Oakland in 1969. In eight seasons as a big-league manager, Bauer compiled a record of 594-534.

The youngest of nine children, Bauer was born to a blue-collar background in East St. Louis, Ill., and went on to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps. Battling malaria in the South Pacific, Bauer earned 11 campaign ribbons, two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts in 32 months of combat.

His gruff military background translated to his playing career, which delivered him to the Yankees for a 1948 debut.

As a tough presence in the clubhouse, Bauer is said to have chastised a young Mickey Mantle for not running out a ground ball, yelling, "Don't fool with my money" -- a reference to the regularity with which Bauer cashed Yankees World Series checks.

Indeed, many of Bauer's most memorable moments with the Yankees came in October. Bauer contributed a game-saving catch to rob the Giants' Sal Yvars in the 1951 Fall Classic, and set a World Series record with a 17-game hitting streak from 1956-58.


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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The New Guys

SP Andy Pettitte
He may be new to the 2007 Yankees, but Pettitte needs little re-introduction to fans. The lefty returns home after three seasons with the Houston Astros, and the Yankees will be counting on Pettitte to pick up right where he left off, shooting for 15 wins or more -- plus a few starts in October.

1B Doug Mientkiewicz
Seeking an improved glove for first base, the Yankees signed one of the best in the game in Mientkiewicz. Though the 32-year-old has dealt with injury problems the last few seasons, he is expected to be part of a platoon with Andy Phillips or Josh Phelps at first base, and should help out the rest of the infielders. He's also close personal friends with Alex Rodriguez, having attended the same high school in Florida.

SP Kei Igawa
A 27-year-old left-hander from Japan, Igawa was a three-time strikeout king in the Central League while pitching for the Hanshin Tigers. The Yankees have been cautious to note that Igawa shouldn't necessarily be compared to Boston's Daisuke Matsuzaka, as the two pitchers are dissimilar, but both will be counted on for quick results. Igawa will be a point of interest as the Yankees sort out their rotation.

RHP Luis Vizcaino
Acquired in the Randy Johnson deal, Vizcaino has earned the nickname "Daily" for the frequency in which he takes the baseball from his managers. That will fit right into Joe Torre's thought pattern, and the Yankees believe Vizcaino could slot anywhere from the sixth to the eighth inning.

RHP Chris Britton
A reliever acquired from Baltimore in the trade of starter Jaret Wright, the 24-year-old Britton gives the Yankees another experienced arm in the middle-inning mix. He appeared in 52 games for the Orioles last year, posting a 3.35 ERA with two losses and a save.

1B Josh Phelps
Picked up in the Rule 5 Draft from Baltimore, Phelps spent all of last year at Triple-A Toledo, batting .308 with 24 home runs and 90 RBI. He'll need to beat out Andy Phillips to secure a roster spot.


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Friday, February 02, 2007

Aqua Teen in New York?

We have all heard of the bomb scare in Boston about a marketing ploy involving the Adult Swim hit show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force".
Two advertisers were arrested for setting up placards of two characters named Ignignokt and Err, both Mooninites, around the city advertising the show, only to have it backfire on them.
Boston locals were not amused by the placards calling them in as suspicious packages and causing a scare. Local police and bomb crew immediately took care of the placards and restored peace.

Now you can find t-shirts of these characters poking fun of Boston and what you could call "pay back" for removing the placards.
Rest assure that these shirts will find their way to Yankee Stadium when the Red Sox are in town and eventually sold in New York stores state wide.
(see above)


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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Heckler Spring Training: Part 3

We have already talked about the basic rules on heckling and what happens if you break those rules.
In the final chapter of this series I am going to tell you a couple stories and end it on the top ten heckles of all time voted upon by the fans.

Umpire and the Coach
I'm an umpire. One day a coach was really giving it to me about my strike zone. About the third inning I went into the dugout to get a drink of water. I sat next to the coach as his team warmed up. When the first batter stepped into the box I stayed by his side. When he looked at me and asked if I was going out I told him no I was going to sit next to him the remainder of the game. I told him since he had a better view of the zone in his dugout than I did behind the plate I was going to finish the game next to him. He's never said another word to me about my zone.

Pizza and Wings
I'm an A's fan and Dmitri Young and the Tigers were in town. Dmitri Young had just missed a ball over the left field fence, after jumping. After missing the ball, the LF bleachers started to chant "Chicken Wings...Chicken Wings" repeatedly. Dmitri Young clearly did not like it and stared back at the bleacher crowd. After that, the crowd erupted with "PIIIZZZ-ZZZAAAAAAA!...PIIIZZZZ-ZZZAAAAA!!!" Hilarious stuff.

The Top 10

10 - I'm gonna break your cane and shoot your dog!
9 - How can you eat with those hands?
8 - I thought only horses slept standing up!
7 - You couldn't pitch a tent!
6 - You couldn't throw a party!
5 - Take off your coat, you're inside!
4 - You've got less hits than an Amish website!
3 - You couldn't save anything at WalMart!
2 - I've seen better arms on a snake!
1 - How's your Japanese?

And of course the one I used while attending a Mets gams:
"You even suck in the video game!"


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