Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well Now

The Yankees STILL have the best post all-star game record even after a horrible 16-0 loss to the Tigers who now trail one game behind New York in the wild card standings.
Many questions are popping up with one being will Mike Mussina still remain in the starting rotation.
Mussina, from what I have seen, has only had two games in which he has had a successful outing, but his last three mirror Kei Igawa.
Mussina claims that if there is a pitcher in the Yankees organization that is better than him, he will remain a starter.
Sorry to burst your ego there, but Ian Kennedy may replace you and possibly even bring back Igawa, both as of now are better than you.
I wouldn't be surprised if they bring Ron Guidry out of retirement as an emergency sub.

The other question is will the Yankees make the playoffs.
Forget about the AL East, the run is over. The Wild Card slot is still up for grabs as the Yanks trail the Mariners by to games and they will play each other next week.
The Yankees begin a three-game series against the Red Sox tonight at home with Andy Pettitte taking the hill. This is a must win sweep for the Yankees to gain needed ground in the East, but a two-of-three will only give them one game.
September is a relatively quiet month with the exception of a series with Seattle and Boston one last time.
For the rest of the month the Yankees deal with Toronto, Tampa, and Baltimore.

This is now a sprint for the finish.


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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Run Ends

I am not tlaking about the Yankees recent losing streak, but at this pace, my fantasy team will be in it's last week.
After upsetting the top team in my league, I have yet to reach the 100 point mark this week so far. I need to be ranked in the top 30 in the winners group, I rank a horrible 17808 and only 59(!) points up till today. I have scored more points in a day.

It was a greeat run, I won my first ever title, and can for once be called a winner.

Wait till next year...



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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Phil Rizzuto Passes Away

From ESPN.com:

Phil Rizzuto, the Hall of Fame shortstop who went on to fame for his unique broadcasting style, died late Monday night. He was 89.

His death was confirmed by the Yankees. Rizzuto had been in declining health for several years and was living at a nursing home in West Orange, N.J.

Rizzuto, nicknamed "The Scooter," was the oldest living member of the Baseball Hall of Fame when he died. He was inducted in 1994 by the Veterans Committee.

Rizzuto, noted as one of the best defensive shortstops in the history of the game, was the American League Most Valuable Player in 1950 and played in five All-Star games. In his MVP season, Rizzuto hit .324 and scored 125 runs.

He played for the New York Yankees from 1941 to 1956. The Yankees
won seven World Series titles during Rizzuto's career.

Rizzuto's lifetime batting average was .273. He was second to Boston's Ted Williams in the 1949 MVP balloting.

He went on to be a Yankees broadcaster for more than 40 seasons. His unique style was accented with his famous phrase, "Holy Cow!" when a great play was made.

Rizzuto was on the call when Roger Maris hit his 61st career home run to eclipse the single-season home run record previously held by Babe Ruth.


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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Phase One, Here I Come!

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I have won my leagues 2007 MLB Open finals!

The Long Island Tridents (14-5) have defeated the Beantown Sox33 (13-4) in a stunning 154.5-115 to become the league champion and my first ever title.

August 13 is the first game of the winners bracket as I compete for a slot on the 32-team tournament.



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Today Is It

Today is the final day for the MLB Open 2007 season before the big finals begin. I can pretty much assure victory unless my Minnesota pitching allows 50 runs, other than that, I am on my way to phase one of the finals.

I currently lead the Beantown Sox33 (13-4) 153-108.5

Wish me luck as I complete the upset.



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Friday, August 10, 2007

On My Way To Victory

Two days left for my fantasy baseball league and I am well ahead of my opponent in the league finals.
As in true Yankees fashion, I am leading 136-78, over a Red Sox fan at that too.

If I can hang on to win the finals, I will advance to the World Finals and compete for a spot on the 32-team bracket.
If I do have the luck to make it on the 32-team bracket, I will be awarded with a nice $100 check and can be called one of the top 32 teams in 2007.
The winner of that tournament will receive the 2007 MLB Open Trophy and a $10,000 check.
Although that is a long shot, I will settle on winning my league finals and entering the tournament of the best teams in the Open.

As for the real Yankees, thing could not get any better. Deep into teh wild card chase, and sending up rookie Phil Hughes in his first "big" game against the Cleveland Indians,
His performance was worthy of ESPN highlights and gept the Tribe in check en route to a 6-1 victory over the AL Central leader and helped the Yankees tie for the Wild Card lead with the Seattle Mariners.
The Red Sox suffered a loss to the Orioles 6-5 lowering their lead over the Yanks to five games.

October hopefuls, remember that the Yankees were at one time nine game sout of the wild card, one of the hardest playoff spots to reach, and an even larger deficit in the East.


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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tribute to Barr-oid Bonds




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Personal Stuff

My first shipment of 2008 All-Star gear arrived today. This is the first of many packages and this one consisted of the official baseball and shot glass.
The baseball is really neat. It has Commissioner Selig's facsimile signature on it, below it past the stitching is the All-Star Game logo and the stitching is a nice touch. Blue with silver stitches.

Also, an update from my fantasy team finals.
After a 15.5 to 13.5 loss last night, I currently lead my opponent 34.5 to 12.5 in tonights contest to make the weekly score 48 - 28 in my favor.
I have defeated this team earlier in the season and I want to make it 2-fer-2.
I need to drop Alfonso Soriano from my team as he is on the DL and Aubrey Huff has so far been my best points leader on the bench.


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For Yanks, Things Get Tough

Two months left to go and the Yankees have a very tough schedule. Having warm-up games against Kansas City and Toronto, they will soon face all three division leaders, plus the two teams in front on New York in the wild card chase.
Following the Toronto series currently under way, the Yankees head to Cleveland, one of the highest scoring teams this season for a three game stretch in which we could see a change of hands in the wild card race. The Yankees have not had great success while on the road losing eight of nine after a nine-game winning streak during the interleague games this past July.
Yankees head back to the Stadium to face Baltimore who have found a way to beat New York. The Detroit Tigers, baseball's other high scoring team, visits New York for the first four-game series as they try to fight for either the Wild Card of the Central lead.
Next up is a trip to Anaheim, the only team to have a winning record since 1996 against the Yankees. Early this season the Angels swept a three-game series only to have the Yankees respond with a two-of-three series victory powered by double-digit run support.
The Yankees stop by Detroit again for one last four-game series hopefully setting the tone for the remainder of the season.
The rivalry resumes when the Boston Red Sox visit New York for the fourth meeting. Red Sox drew first blood with a sweep until New York finally got their game back and evened out the series later on during the season.
A slight "vacation" follows up as the Yankees end August and send them selves into the home stretch against Tampa Bay.
The month of September will be the final trial for New York facing Seattle, Kansas City, Toronto, Baltimore, Toronto, Tampa, and one final Sox series.

As of right now the Red Sox still lead the AL East with a six game lead over New York.
Detroit leads the wild card by a half game with New York temporarily tying it yesterday afternoon.

Yankees chance for the wild card lead stands at 100%, but to win it is a near 93%.
To take over the East remains at a low 40% for now. The Yankees need to win the six games the Red Sox lose in order to raise their odds.


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Fantasy Baseball Winds Down

As the major league season starts to heat up, fantasy baseball is too, if your lucky.
My Yahoo! teams were long gone once the season started, but my MLB Open team is the #2 team in the league and has reached the World Series.
There is one huge downfall that could be the end of my run to possible make it to the MLB Open tournament.
One is one of my undroppable players is Alfonso Soriano, who has been placed on the disabled list due to a torn quad.
The other reason why I may not win is my opponent has the Red Sox pitching staff. 'Nuff said.
Last night's Red Sox loss did prevent my loss from being a blow out.
More updates as the week progresses.
Congratulations to all those that made the playoffs and a larger congrats to those who made it to the World Series. This is my second trip and I am 0-1 (2006) so far in finals play.



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Monday, August 06, 2007

Mike Myers Dismissed

Here's to you "K.K."

Mike Myers, the lefty "specialist" has been designated for assignment.
This means the Yankees have 10 days to either release, trade, or send him to the minors.
Left-handed hitters post a .318 average with a false 2.88 ERA. Yes, he may not allow his ERA to be inflated, but he does raise the ERA's of other pitchers.
Myer's WHIP (walks plus hits over innings pitched) is close to 1.5 meaning that he allows three base runners per two innings pitched.
Still not enough? In 40 2/3 innings pitched this seaon, he's allowed 38 hits with 16 walks, unacceptable by any standards for any team.
Good riddens.



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Saturday, August 04, 2007

There It Is

Alex Rodriguez becomes the youngest player in MLB history to hit 500 home runs. He also ties Mickey Mantle for the longest stretch between 499 and 500 with 28 at-bats.


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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Note to A-Rod

It's good to see that you are taking lightly to your recent batting drought, and that's OK. You are relaxed and are not worrying about the media adding pressure to what is already a pressure-inducing at bat.

I've noticed when you are at bat for #500, you are tense and don't look comfortable at the plate. With every pitch you see flashbulbs go off and all you can think about is the home run. You get under the ball and what would normally be a home run winds up to be a deep out.

Just relax, swing like you would in any situation, and the home run will come. In the meantime, get out of your slump. Drop a bunt to catch the defense off guard.

-BB Staff



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