Thursday, February 01, 2007

Heckler Spring Training: Part 3

We have already talked about the basic rules on heckling and what happens if you break those rules.
In the final chapter of this series I am going to tell you a couple stories and end it on the top ten heckles of all time voted upon by the fans.

Umpire and the Coach
I'm an umpire. One day a coach was really giving it to me about my strike zone. About the third inning I went into the dugout to get a drink of water. I sat next to the coach as his team warmed up. When the first batter stepped into the box I stayed by his side. When he looked at me and asked if I was going out I told him no I was going to sit next to him the remainder of the game. I told him since he had a better view of the zone in his dugout than I did behind the plate I was going to finish the game next to him. He's never said another word to me about my zone.

Pizza and Wings
I'm an A's fan and Dmitri Young and the Tigers were in town. Dmitri Young had just missed a ball over the left field fence, after jumping. After missing the ball, the LF bleachers started to chant "Chicken Wings...Chicken Wings" repeatedly. Dmitri Young clearly did not like it and stared back at the bleacher crowd. After that, the crowd erupted with "PIIIZZZ-ZZZAAAAAAA!...PIIIZZZZ-ZZZAAAAA!!!" Hilarious stuff.

The Top 10

10 - I'm gonna break your cane and shoot your dog!
9 - How can you eat with those hands?
8 - I thought only horses slept standing up!
7 - You couldn't pitch a tent!
6 - You couldn't throw a party!
5 - Take off your coat, you're inside!
4 - You've got less hits than an Amish website!
3 - You couldn't save anything at WalMart!
2 - I've seen better arms on a snake!
1 - How's your Japanese?

And of course the one I used while attending a Mets gams:
"You even suck in the video game!"


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BallHype: hype it up! Posted by Steve Kenul at 10:24 PM


  • Blogger engolf posted at 4:30 PM  
    How about the good old fasshion....

    "you suck!"
  • Blogger Steve Kenul posted at 4:58 PM  
    I am really hoping that your heckle is not geared towards me.
    But anyway, the "You suck!" chant is old and repetative and honestly, not well thought out. People still use it as the "general" heckle, and is heard at every game, but the more thought out ones are the best.

    While listening to a Yankees/Red Sox game last season, the announcers microphones can pick up some audience chatter, inluding one, that I blogged, "A-Rod is gay!".
    Again, not well thought out.

    Thanks for reading!
  • Blogger Michael Tolley posted at 12:27 PM  
    Ever hear of crediting websites that you steal material from? All the above info including the copyrighted cartoon is found at

    michael tolley
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