Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's a Phoney! A Big Fat Phoney!

The list that was "leaked" yesterday containing the 103 names linked to the steroid survey was a fake. Of course smarter baseball fans knew that.
First off, the survey found 104 positive users, the list contains 103. Actually 102...Jeremy Burnitz was listed twice.
The list was listed by team order first, then by league. Days before the Mitchell Report was released, a similar list was "leaked", but in alphabetical order by player name.
Thirdly, Jason Grimsley is not on this list as he should be.
And the final bit of proof that his list was a fake, RotoInfo is not a reliable source of anything. Wikipedia is more reliable. You want roto info? Go to RotoWorld.

So for those who were crying because some of your favorite players were outed, stop. The list is not real.


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