Friday, March 31, 2006

And the Injuries Begin...

Carl Pavano, why? Yes ladies and gentlemen, our favorite DLer is injured yet again. Carl Pavano bruised his back during a stumbling diving play a couple days ago during his relief efforts against the Phillies. Doc says that during his diving tag at first base on the first batter he faced, he apparently injured his lower back. Joe Torre noticed Pavano wincing during his 12 pitch inning. What does this mean for his fate?, another wasted year on the DL and the payroll being sucked away.
Pavano, dammit, stay healthy, our pitching isn't that deep and we can't win all the time with out bats. Get healthy, stay healthy, don't do anything stupid.

Stay tuned...

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yankees vs Devil Rays

Well, the woes continue as the Yankees suffer a 6-4 loss to the Devil Rays. It appeared that the Yankees had won the game going into the ninth, but things changes for the worse. Keep reading and you'll find out.
The Devil Rays pulled out in front with a 2-1 lead by the third inning with the Yankee tieing it only a couple frames later. Gary Sheffield hit his first home run of the spring giving the Yankees the tie in the sixth making it 3-3. In the eighth, the Yankees took the lead and appeared to have it won until....(keep reading)
The Devil Rays scored only two runs against Mussina as he pitched a pretty fair game, should have been better, especially against a team like Tampa Bay.
Matt Smith of the Yankees killed all hopes that the Yankees had going for a winning spring as he allowed three runs on four hits in the ninth. To make matters worse, all three runs were scored with two out. Ouch. Talk about a bad impression for a roster spot. See you next year Sparky.
Yankees fall to 14-16.

Up Next:
Chein-Ming Wang (he's back) is scheduled to start against the Diamondbacks in the first game of a two game series and the final set of games for spring.

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Investigation Could Affect Sheffield, Giambi

With the recent allegations surrounding Giant outfielder Barry Bonds in the book entitled Game of Shadows, two prominent Yankee names are brought up. Those names are Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi. Those two players were affiliated with BALCO before the government stepped up and shut down the company. Giambi, who was reguaded as a steroid user, especially by Red Sox fans because they have nothing else to talk about, was a perfect 14-14 on random urinalysis tests and Gary Sheffield took cortisone shots for his elbow that was causing problems.
If these players are investigated, they will be allowed to continue playing until a possible court date.
If I were the Yankees, I would invest in a first baseman and quick. Outfielders are easy to come by, but first basemen are a little more difficult. I doubt anything will happen to Sheff and Giambi.
Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yankees vs Tigers

The Yankees finished their series against the Tigers on a high note with a 4-2 victory. Everything seemed to go the Yankees way. Timely hits, walks and of course, the win.
The Yankees struck first in the second followed by a quick tie by the Tigers. In the third, Robinson Cano drew a bases loaded walk to drive in the go ahead run. Former and now present Yankee first baseman Russ Johnson going 2-4 with an RBI double, two walks and two runs scored.
Tigers started Kenny Roges, overcome with the flu, walked five batters in the first four innings including the RBI walk to Cano.
Jeff Karstens came back from a rough second inning to retire the next 10 batters and preserve the win.
Yankees improve to 14-15 with three games left to play.

Up Next:
Yankees will host the Devil Rays at Legends Field with Mike Mussina starting.

In other news, Randy Johnson is set ot be the Yankees opening day starter versus the Athletics at Oakland.

Jorge Posada will be catching Johnson this year. John Flaherty was his personal catcher last year until he got traded to the Red Sox and then ultimately retired.

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Pavano's Future

I shouldn't be writing this, not because it's about Pavano, but because I am "stealing" work time. Hopefully my supervisor doesn't come around. Good thing for multiple windows so with a click of the button, POOF, I am doing something else.

Anyway, back to the story that has not yet begun.
Carl Pavano was a promising pitcher that the Yankees picked up and threw in their starting five. However, injuries landed him on a DL that seemed to never end. A shoulder injury gave him his first trip, a ball off his face gave him another trip, and the finale was a bat in the gut. Blunt end thankfully.
He was basically a medical waste of money, not his fault, just was playing the wrong season at the wrong time.
His spring training debut proved outstanding. Yes he gave up a home run, but all pitchers do, besides, the Yankees were shut out anyway. Pavano's first batter sent a little dribbler back to him in which he himself fielded and made a stumbling diving tag at first. Everyone enjoyed the odd moment along with Pavano himself.

His Future:
If Pavano can stay healthy and pitcher like he was healthy, he will have no problem in New York, however, if he gets pounded with injuries or his arm acts up, then the Yankees are in trouble and need to look for a pitcher FAST. Wang is still a baby, Johnson is close to retirement, Mussina just isn't Mussina, and Chacon needs to settle down. Small will be great in middle relief, along with Sturtz as a DOOP* pitcher, Farnsworth and Rivera will provide a powerful one-two game ending punch.

Stay tuned...

*DOOP - Designated One Out Pitcher (like that?)

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Yankees vs Phillies

Sadly, my prediction never had the chance of coming true. I had predicted that the Yankees will comeback in the late innings, but no. Phillies shut out the Yankees 3-0.
Upsettingly, the Phillies scored all their runs on solo shots in the fifth, sixth, and eighth.
Scott Proctor proved effective allowing only one run in five innings and Carl Pavano came back from another DL trip by allowing a home run in the sixth.
Alex Rodriguez, Gary Sheffield, Johnny Damon and Bubba Crosby all got a hit apiece in the blanking.

Coming next:
Jeff Karstens and the Yankees drop to 13-15 and will take on the Tigers and Kenny Rogers tomorrow in a day game. The Yankees will play Tampa and Arizona twice to finish off the pre-season.

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Yankees Notes

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Blog Improvements

Well, it appears that I have lost two battles in a row from So, I am reaching out the the fans and asking you....What nneds to change for this blog to become a successful battler? Please provide feedback either in the comments section at the bottom of this post, or in my shoutbox. All feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Yankees vs Braves II

The showdown was pretty exciting, a one-run game victory. Not for the Yankees sadly, but to the Braves.
In the first game for today for the day, the Yankees came out early and strong with a run in the second and three more in the third. Alex Rodriguez hit his third home run of the spring and a ground-rule double in the fifth. Jason Giambi collected three hits enrout to a 5-4 loss.
The Braves on the other hand scored one in the fifth and four in the sixth.
Yankee pitcher Shawn Chacon takes the loss as he allowed five runs over 5 1/3 innings including the heart-breaking three-run home run by Brave Adam LaRoche in the sixth.
Yankees fall to 13-14 and the Braves improve (is that the right word) to a miserable 8-16.

Next for the Yankees:
Scott Proctor will start against the Phillies in the nightcap at 7pm EST. I predict a win here, but in late innings.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

New Additions to McFarlane

After work I stopped by my mail box to see if I had anything waiting for me. To my surprise, I had a notice mentioning that I had a package waiting for me at the front office. Oh, I live in an apartment. The package was about 18x14x12. I knew what it was because I had been waiting fo rthis package for some time now. I had purchased it on eBay back in January and now I finally have it. What was inside? The newest additions to McFarlane's Cooperstown Collection! Of course I only got the Yankee players and the featured players were Mickey Mantle and Don Mattingly. Both of those players are alos two of my favorite of all time. I'm not the one to leave them in the casings because I do not intend to resell these figurines but to put them out on display for my own enjoyment and sports bar that will be built in the future.
The other four figurines are Willie Stargell, Roberto Clemente, Carlton Fist (1975 HR pose), and the second Nolan Ryan (Angels version).

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Yankees vs. Tigers

Spring training has been in full force but I was busy covering the classic and creating this site.
Yankees had a showdown against the Tigers this afternoon in a game that would give the Yanks .500 ball with a win. The Yankees cam out strong with a 4-1 lead by the second inning until starter Chein-Ming Wang was hit on the leg with a comebacker from Chris Granderson that knocked him out after 2 1/3 innings. Tanyon Sturtz came in for Wang and allowed three runs in the span of two outs. Not very like him to allow so many in so few time. Looks like he'll be mopping up in the bullpen.
Johnny Damon scored twice both on RBI hits by Sheffield. Bubba Crosby's second home run of the spring in the eight vaulted the Yankees to a 9-8 win over Detriot and the Yankees climb to .500 ball and 13-13 overall. Sheffield, Cano and Bernie each hit a double in the win.
Yankees travel to Disneyland to take on the Braves again. In the last encounter the Yankees won a close one. Shawn Chacon will take the mound against Jorge Sosa.

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Welcome to Yankeeography

Welcome Yankee fans!!! This new site is finally open to the public. Although I have nothing to blog right now, I will say this; this site will cover all the news surrounding the Yankees through spring training, trek through the season, fast track in the playoffs, and complete off-season coverage. Everything you want to know will be available with a click of the mouse.
Now heed this, most of these posts will be my own personal opinion, so some strong language will be present. Be not alarmed because, after all, we are New Yorkers and strong language is a common way of communication. If my opinions offend you, simply click the little red "X" on the upper-right hand side of the browser and I will disappear. If you like what you see, add us to your favorites and visit us more often.
By the way, I am anti-Red Sox so there will be a lot of strong language during that segment.
If you would like to see something that is not on this site, please, leave a comment or two and I will try to get what you want. Keep in mind that my blog is only so big, so I can't please all of you, but I will try.
Stay tuned...

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