Sunday, June 29, 2008

One more week

A slight change in the Yankees pitching rotation affects my boss and I. He's going to a Yankees game tomorrow thinking that Joba Chamberlain is pitching. However, since Joba pitched over 110 pitches in his last outing, Joe Girardi decided to switch Joba's and Mussina's spots.
So instead of Joba Monday, he will see Mussina.

This also affects my game since Joba would have had a good chance of pitching on July 5 when I go to see my game. Total suckage.

Next Saturday will mark the first time ever that I am going to Yankee Stadium and to top it off, it's against the Boston Red Sox. Now I have to see a rookie get his ass handed to him.


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Friday, June 20, 2008

Switch-Hitter vs Switch Pitcher

What happens when your pitcher can throw from both sides of the mound? And what happens if your hitter can bat from both sides of the plate?
Now, what happens if hose two meet each other in a game?
You get this result:

This happened recently in a Staten Island Yankees v Brooklyn Cyclones minor league game.


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Quick Catch-Up

So, it is official, I am a slacker. Been a month since my last posting, the Yankees have moved up in the power rankings, and are currently riding on a seven-game winning streak sweeping both the Astros and Padres in interleague play.

During this stretch, starter Chein-Ming Wang injured his foot while running past third to score a run. Results shoe a torn ligament connecting his first metatarsel (toe bone) to the tarsal (arch bones). He also slightly tore a tendon that help with the curvature of the arch. Brian Bruney suffered a similiar injury and is still out.
Wang, and the rest of us, hope that he can overcome this injury, and project a September return.
Yankees need to ber aggresive in the hunt for a starter to replace (temporarily of course) Wang. With Phil Hughes anf Ian Kennedy out until after the All-Star Break, the pitching has been domilished.
Mussina has stepped up his game, and Pettitte is average Pettitte.

Rumors have it that the Yankees are seeking to bring back drunkard Sidney Ponson. A.J. Burnett may be another option, but there are still two and a half months until the trade deadline.
The Yankees can afford to dump one of their 83 outfielders.

It's just weeks away from the MidSummer Classic at Yankee Stadium, so click on the All-Star logo and get some gear. Slackers....

I would like to welcome a few new bandwagoners (links) to the site.
-SportsBlog NY
is a new blog covering all New York sports.

-Sports Betting, well, you place bets. Simple.

-At Smarter Sports Blog you can find a wide variety of sports stories from Tigers 'knee buckling' win at the Open, to the Cetlics raising the trophy.

If you want some sports merchandise, head over to A new sporting goods company in neighbooring New Joisey.

And last but not least, Sport Blog Man. One of the many new blog sites out there covering sports.

That's it for now. We may be bring in new links to a ticket broker in the near future, so look out for that.


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