Thursday, June 29, 2006

100 WINS


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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two Milestones Reached

Two milestones were reached this past week for our fellow Yankees.
Mike Mussina and Alex Rodriguez reached two career marks enroute to almost single handedly winning their respective games.

Mussina took on the Marlins on Monday and threw one of his best outings of his career striking out six to become just the 27th pitcher ever to reach the 2,500 strikeout plateau putting him only two away from Hall of Famer Christy Mathewson. His performance gave the Yankees a 2-1 pitchers duel win over Dontrelle Willis.

Alex Rodriguez made history tonight not only with his milestone, but also winning the game for the Yankees. His home run in the bottom of the 12th inning gave the Yankees a huge 4-3 win over the Atlanta Braves. His home run was his 100th as a Yankee placing him 34th for the team and 445th for his illustrious career.

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Tag, I'm It

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Yankees, but instead, of my own personal life. It seems that Scottage has tagged my to list the countries that I have traveled to. So here is my world and US map of everywhere I have been. Damn you Scott, may a hundred Linkin Park songs infest your radio.

European Countries I have visited

US states I have visited or lived at

To generate your map, go to

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

This Day in Yankees History

No, this isn't a post about dates, this is a post about my progress on the book that is currently under construction.
I have gathered large amounts of data for my book so far and I may seem only half way done. I managed to gather a complete compilation of every single game score of the Yankees from 1904-2005 and have the transactions from 1989-2005. I have requested information from the National Baseball Hall of Fame and they sent me a list of links that I can check out and possibly gather some more information.
I also have numerous timelines that I have collected and many, many dates that I have found throughout my archives, books, and videos.
This book is going to be a complete, in-depth history of the Yankees from January 1, 1904-December 31, 2006. If this book is successful, then we may see yearly updates coming out.

I need your help! I have not come up with a title yet for this book and I don't want anything boring, for example "This Day in Yankees History". If you can offer me a title that seems appropiate, please, don't hesitate to leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail. I am open to suggestions and any possible information that you can provide.
If you idea is accepted and confirmed, I will put you in the bibliography. If your title idea is selected and used in the final publication, you not only will be in the bibliography, but will also receive a free autographed copy of my book.
I am even considering a special limited edition book with the Yankees jersey along with the interlocking NY logo as the cover. The jersey will be a genuine replica and will be numbered.
Also, what would you like to see in the book? I have a ton of ideas that will be entered, but maybe there is something that you would like to see.
You can e-mail me any suggestions and ideas using the link on the right sidebar. Please use the keyword BronxBloggers in the subject line.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Losses Raise Questions

The Yankees have been unable to hold onto a lead in their past three games and as of the time of this posting, are trailing the Philadelphia Phillies 5-3.
Their sudden collapse in the late innings are mostly the result of an overworked and weak bullpen. Torre has been pulling the starting pitcher out early in the game giving the relief pitchers unnecessary innings to work through.
A quality starting pitcher should be able to last until the seventh inning and replaced by a fresh arm well recovered from their previous outing. Torre and pitching coach Ron Guidry need to get together to discuss this matter seeing as the relief pitchers are still recovering from their last outing and only hurt the team more than help.
However, it is not only the relief pitchers that are raising eyebrows, its the hitting, or lack of it.
Yankees have one of the best line ups in baseball, but play like rookies. As of late, mind you.
Alex Rodriguez was named Player of the Year for May, only to go into an instant slump in June. Derek Jeter's batting average slipped 20 points and injuries were still on the rise. Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield both underwent wrist surgery and should return by September. Bubba Crosby recently made a return back to the Yankees after a trip on the DL.
The Yankees too are getting older as a team, Jeter turned 32 and Posada, Sheffield, Williams and Johnson are headed towards their final years. The only young guns on the team are Crosby, Robinson Cano, and Chein-Ming Wang.
The Yankees have a bad reputation of trading their star rookies away for older veteran players that have one last season left in them.
Yankees need to invest in younger players and trainers for their minor league affiliates to improve their playing skills and prepare them for the majors.
That is IF George Steinbrenner wants to spend a little cash on the youngsters, instead of trying to win a championship every year.
He will run out of money sometime, and that day could be near.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Barry Bonds, a HOFer?

I know this isn't about the Yankees, but I'm going to post it anyway. I recently submitted an opinion post on ArmChairGM and this was the result:

With the BALCO scandal and his recent accusations with steroids, should Barry Bonds enter the Hall of Fame on the first ballot, or even in the Hall all together?

The BALCO and steroids thing is going to keep him from getting on in the first ballot, but his numbers are so ridiculous that he kind of has to get in eventually. The only way he doesn't get in is if the MLB bans him from baseball once they get some undeniable evidence that he used steroids.
posted by Bobbyjim45 on 2006-06-15 18:36:58 reply

The punishment for being convicted of taking steroids or testing positive for them is 50 games. There's no way he can be banned for it.
posted by Anonymous Fanatic on 2006-06-16 16:58:14

He is the greatest player we've ever seen play the game. He is a first ballot hall of famer and besides Babe Ruth (and maybe 2 or 3 others) he's the greatest player to ever play the game.
posted by Steaksammich on 2006-06-15 19:41:44 reply

Despite the cloud that follows him wherever he goes, Barry is definitely a HOF'er. There are too many variables and uncertainties surrounding "the steroid era" to actually begin barring players from the Hall of Fame. The best thing that can happen is a cleaning up of the game and a fresh start - the dawning of a new age in the game.However, Bonds is in.
posted by The shark on 2006-06-16 06:19:24 reply

I'll have to make it back to Cooperstown before Barry gets in since I would never honor him with my patronage.
posted by Angels Fan on 2006-06-16 07:20:34 reply

Pete Rose and joe jackson can't get in barry shouldn't be allowed when his time comes. Just image the explosion when this happens. I can't agree more Angels Fan, right on...
posted by JuTMSY4 on 2006-06-16 09:21:13 reply

Is it too early to call for an official lifetime ban for him from the ArmchairGM HOF?
posted by Chachi on 2006-06-16 09:21:46 reply

Would we put him in our own proposed HOF?
posted by Alex Holowczak on 2006-06-16 09:40:02 reply

He doesn't have my vote...
posted by JuTMSY4 on 2006-06-16 10:02:15 reply

he has my vote
posted by Anonymous Fanatic on 2006-06-16 10:09:06 reply

He's a HOFer, but quite possibly not first-ballot. Pete Rose and Joe Jackson are out of the hall because MLB had a VERY explicit policy SPECIFICALLY forbidding any type of gambling/manipulation. I mean every clubhouse has got veritable sign on the wall that says exactly that. That's why those two are not in the hall. Bonds is guilty of steroid use, something that was NOT against the explicit rules of baseball at the time of his use. I do understand that steroids are illegal under US laws, but last time I checked, those issues never stopped other players from getting in. Unless it's found out that he's on that shit THIS season, with the current rules...slim to none chance that he won't make it. And slim just left town.
posted by Ray on 2006-06-16 10:18:20 reply

So if the rule is ambiguous it doesn't count?! and did someone just give me a minus one because I believe BB doesn't belong in our HoF?!
posted by JuTMSY4 on 2006-06-16 11:06:17

No, he is not a Hall of Famer on the first ballot because if his steriod use. Should he be allowed in 1 day, yes. he was a HOFer without the juice. But b/c he used the juice, which is a federal criminal offense, he should not be allowed in on the first ballot.
posted by Christof on 2006-06-16 10:18:59 reply

This should not even be a question, he's in without a doubt, and unlike Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe we have no concrete proof against him. Innocent until proven guilty, this is supposed to be America people.
posted by Wrightsmyboy on 2006-06-16 10:42:59 reply

Its only a formality really. Once the court docs are released, my understanding is that bonds name is mentioned. Moreover, there is no proof that rose or jackson are guilty. Rose admitted it because he was forced to and jackson was just screwed over...
posted by JuTMSY4 on 2006-06-16 11:31:36

Maybe in a court of law, someone is innocent until proven guilty, but this is not a legal proceeding. The court of public opinion has no such rules, and the press who have been snubbed by Bonds for years are not likely to forget.
posted by Angels Fan on 2006-06-16 21:42:27

Didn't LT snort cocaine before games. Would that be considered a performance enhancer?
posted by Enybo on 2006-06-16 10:55:58 reply

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Roger Clemens Conspiracy

There have been many conspiracies in the news, past and present. One is the Moon landing, was it filmed in a studio, or was it actual footage. Did lee Harvey Oswald really shoot Kennedy? And the most recent conspiracy is 9/11.
Now baseball has a conspiracy.
Did Roger Clemens take steroids, and was he suspended?
Many of you know that he was contemplating retirement until finally signing with the Astros for a third season. What you do not realize is that he may have been suspended for steroids and was covered up by Bud Selig or any other high baseball exec.
First off, the new steroid suspension violation is a 50-day suspension from baseball, second is a 100-day suspension, and a third is a lifetime ban from baseball.
It all started after Roger Clemens supposedly failed to meet an agreement with the Astros making him "ineligible" to play with them. The season went on without him leaving all of us wondering if he would in fact play baseball again, and with what team. The Rangers, Yankees, and Red Sox were in the pool to sign Clemens and may or may have not known the actual truth. ESPN reported that Clemens may sign with a team sometime before June.
The media played an important part in this conspiracy mentioning that Roger Clemens was considering retiring, again. But if you look more closely, it may present a different story.
Roger Clemens did not play the beginning of the season until finally signing with the Astros on May 21, approximately 60 days after the season started, or in this case, sitting out on his suspension.
Another reason why we fans did know about this is because Clemens is a high profile player and if any word leaked that he was actually suspended, it would create ripples in the baseball world. Last year Rafael Palmeiro was suspended for steroid use and was suspended for 10 games, and eventually forcing him into retirement.
If this was the case for Clemens, then the media would have a frenzy and Clemens 20+ career would be washed from the book. No 20 strike out games, no 300 wins, no 4,000 strike outs.
Clemens decision to "sign" with the Astros was really his return to his team that he may have signed with during the off season after testing positive for steroids.
I am here not to defemate Roger Clemens, or cause an uproar, but here just explaining another conspiracy. I do not know of any positive results, I do not know if he actually took the juice and popped positive. He may have really not signed with the Astros until May, he may have actually thought about permanently retiring.
But if this conspiracy holds up, you heard it here first.

I would like to hear your opinions, do you believe that Clemens took steroids, tested positive, and served his suspension that was covered up by the media, or do you believe that he is in fact innocent and was waiting for the right offer to come along?

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bullpen Fails to Hold Lead

We had a 9-2 lead, we had a sure fire victory, we had a bullpen.
Had is the word of the day and the Yankees behind Shawn Chacon and their bullpen so elequently defined in this world of irony.
Yankees came out with a two run lead scoring once in teh first and in the second just to see the Nationals tie it up with a two shot of their own.
If the Nationals can come back from a two run deficit, let's up the ante to seven.
In the fifth inning, Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada connected for back-to-back homeruns that was soon dwarfed by Johnny Damon's grand slam to give the Yankees a commanding 9-2 lead. Apparently, that was not enough. In the bottom of the inning, Chacon allowed four runs to cross the plate to make it a three run lead. He was taken out after 4 1/3 innings marking the third straight game in which a Yankees starter never made it past the fifth inning.
The bullpen did not fare as well with T.J Beam, a Triple-A call-up from Columbus gave up a solo home run in the eighth inning and was replaced by Mike Meyrs who ended the inning. Scott Proctor gave Alfonso Soriano a free pass to first and was then replaced by Mariano Rivera to end the disaster.
That didn't happen.
Soriano stole second and proceeded to steal third when Posada's wild throw allowed him to score the game-tying run. River collapsed after that allowing three more runs giving the Nationals a three-run lead in which they would hold onto for the win.
Yankees are in serious trouble if the starting pitcher's do not last at least six full innings and the bullpen does not know how to preserve leads and minimize runs. If the Yankees have any chance of making the playoffs, they need to make some quick adjustments and solve the problem. There is no need to chase after Soriano before the trading deadline, but instead to hunt after pitching. Athletics starting pitcher Barry Zito will be on the block this season and many teams will be making offers. Yankees have the money to make the best offer, and if need be, they will splurge.
Also, something must be done about player safety, Carl Pavano has yet to appear once this season and, Octavio Dotel, remember him, we signed him last year; has not made any news what so ever with the progression of his injury. I almost forgot the Yankees acquired him. Hidecki Matsui and Gary Sheffield will be out pretty much till the season ends, Bubba Crosby just came back from an injury and if I am not mistaking, Damon is still playing hurt. Jason Giambi and Derek Jeter have had their shares of injuries that left holes in the line up. I don't know if it's their personal trainer, the players diet, whatever it is, it needs to be corrected. I am impressed by Joe Torre's ways to still win with half a line up and a weak bullpen. But one can only go so far.
Hopefully in the second half, the Yankees will stay injury-free and make a run for the AL East title.

Up Next:
Yankees @ Nationals 1:05 EST
Chein-Ming Wang (7-2, 4.15 ERA) vs. Michael O'Conner (3-4, 3.70 ERA)

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Randy, Torre Suspended

On the second game of the Indians-Yankees series, Yankees starter Randy Johnson and manager Joe Torre were ejected in the seventh inning because Randy threw a ball high and inside on Indians batter Eduardo Perez.
The beanball wars started when Cleveland pitcher Jason Johnson threw a couple balls high and inside to Derek Jeter with one of them forcing Jeter to hit the dirt. Later on in the game when Jorge Posada was at bat, Johnson hit him sending a mild verbal war as Posada walked down to first base.
Umpire Dana DeMuth warned both benches to immediately stop throwing at the batters. But for some one like Randy Johnson, you don't hit his catcher and get away with it. His first pitch to Eduardo Perez was high and inside prompting an immediate ejection to Randy and Torre.
Reports now say that Randy Johnson will miss at least five games, or in a pitchers case, one start. Joe Torre will be out tonight as he serves his one-game suspension as the Yankees take on the Nationals.
Yankees went on to defeat the Indians 6-1 and take a lead in the AL East.

Tonight's Game:
Yankees @ Nationals 7:05 EST
Jaret Wright (3-4, 4.44 ERA) vs. Shawn Hill (1-1, 1.80 ERA)

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Steve Bartman, Innocent

This Steve Bartman crap is really getting out of hand. I thought it was over with until I saw ESPN did a bit on a movie about this poor person starring the arrogant Vince Vaughan.
So I can finally put his innocent soul at rest, Steve Bartman did not cause the Cubs to lose the 2003 National League pennant, the Cubs had a series of unfortunate events that ruined it.
They had some routine fielding that they could not complete, and the pitcher at the time was allowing those players to get those hits, I highly doubt Bartman jinxed the pitching and fielding performances.

Back to Bartman. If you look at any replay angle, you would see Steve Bartman, along with the rest of the right field side of the park stand up with their arms high to catch the ball. It’s a foul ball, fans are paying attention to the ball hoping to capture a free souvenir, who cares about the leaping Moises Alou, grab the free ball, and sell it on eBay. Also, you would see that on certain angles, Moises Alou was in fact jumping at the wall with his arm extended into the fans to grab the ball for the out. However, some of you may have seen that he might have not had a playable out. The ball may have been too far out of reach. I do not know the exact distance between him and the ball since I was in Germany at the time, and not in the stands next to Bartman. It does appear to be out of reach for Alou, and in reach of Bartman, who happened to be the lucky person to grab the ball. One of the many mad fans attempting to grab the ball, he just got lucky enough to make Cubs history.
That’s another thing, with all the fans on their feet grabbing at the ball, why did one person take all the blame for the Cubs collapse? What if a different fan touched the ball, would Vaughan be playing the school janitor Steven McClellan? Or how about the son of former ball player Steve Lyons? Who knows. Cubs fans, sorry Chad, can’t accept the fact that their team just blew it and found the one thing that they figured caused the collapse, and that scapegoat happened to be your ordinary average Cubs fan innocently watching a game and happened to be part of the crowd grabbing a foul ball, and then so infamously, touching the ball causing a Cubs collapse.
Attention Cubs fans, foul balls do not cause horrible thing, giving breaks do. Next time, pitch the right pitch, field the ball cleaner, and be smart. Just because you failed to win the game, does not mean you can go ahead and blame the person who touched a foul ball, that is weak and makes you look pathetic.
This so-called curse that “plagues” the Cubs is also crap. It was started by a fan, and is continued by fans. Back in 1945, I believe, a fan with a ticket entered Wrigley Field with his pet goat. Officials told him that the goat had to go, or he would go. Angered by the rules, the man left with his goat and cursed the Cubs to never win a World Series, and since then, they have not. They have made the playoffs, but never won the World Series. But like I said, this curse is crap.
Steve Bartman is innocent. He, like many other fans around him, were on their feet, watching the ball come towards their outstretched hands, waiting for a free souvenir. Moises Alou, watching the ball drop towards his outstretched hand, waiting for an out. Steve Bartman, watching the ball come towards him, wanting a free souvenir, blamed for losing the game to the Florida Marlins, the eventual World Series champions.
In closing I want to say that Steve Bartman would not be blamed for the collapse if another fan had touched the ball, or if the Cubs defense never had those errors, or even if the Cubs won the NL pennant. Bartman is innocent; Cubs fans needed a scapegoat since they couldn’t accept the fact that the Marlins were a better team. And now a movie is being produced about him. This is sad and pathetic and Chicago needs to wisen up. There are losers and there are winners. In 2003, you were the loser.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm Back

Many things have occurred during my absence.
One is the troll cunt made another visit and violated a copyright law and I am in the process of shutting that person down.
Another thing that has happened is the we are changing the way we are doing PATR, but our deadline is the same. We will also include PATR into our segment of This Day in Yankees History and hopefully once we gather all the information we need, we can hire an editor and an publisher so you may buy it on bookshelves with a possibility of a book signing tour.
Of course with all good news, there is bad news, a fellow Yankees fan and my cousin Regina Kenul, who suffers from down syndrome, was recently hit by a car and killed while doing the thing she enjoys most, riding her bike. I am glad to say that I went on one of her bike rides in Long Island. We wound up getting lost and had to ask directions to find our way.
The Yankees on the other hand have won two out of three games against the Cleveland Indians. They won the first game 1-0 thanks to a Robinson Cano home run, won the second one behind Johnny Damon's and Andy Phillips home runs leading the stripe to a 6-1 lead. With Mike Mussina on the mound going for the sweep, they lost 8-4 as Moose got rocked and took his third loss of the season. If Boston is swept by the Twins, we will keep out 1/2 game lead in the East.
My Little League team is still undefeated sporting a 7-0 mark and my managerial record improves to 16-2 over two years. We have our final game on Saturday.
As for me, I finally got my Don Mattingly autographed picture in an envelope personalized by Donnie, and a 500 card box of random Yankees cards including an obviously fake Derek Jeter jersey card. How is it fake? One, the Yankees stripes a darker than the one on the card, and the stripes are sown into the jersey, not placed on by a machine. You can also tell its a fake because the glue came undone and you can see multiple cards underneath of different players. The cutout on the card is done by an amateur since it is uneven and had shreds in it. Plus the five glued cards are uneven. This is a fake, but I am not complaining. I got some really nice cards of present and past players.
Anyway, PATR is still underway and will be presented hopefully before the playoffs. Stay tuned for more updates.
I leave you with Boston trailing the Twins 3-0 in the third inning with two outs and a runner on first. Good day.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jason Grimsley Timeline

Here is a cut and copy paste from KFFL on the Jason Grimsley scandal from the day he announces his affedavit to the most recent news release.

Cardinals Pujols' trainer denies link to Grimsley
Sat, 10 Jun 2006 09:56:16 -0700
The Associated Press reports Chris Mihlfeld, who signed St. Louis Cardinals 1B Albert Pujols when he was 18 to play at Maple Woods Community College in Kansas City, Mo., helped RP Jason Grimsley rehabilitate from Tommy John surgery earlier in the decade. However, he vehemently denies any connection between Pujols and Grimsley or himself and steroids and human-growth hormone. Some media reports have taken this story and sensationalized it, but most media outlets have downplayed the issue.

MLB Grimsley may be suspended
Fri, 9 Jun 2006 11:53:54 -0700
ESPNews reports Major League Baseball may suspend RP Jason Grimsley.

Orioles Grimsley points finger at O's
Thu, 8 Jun 2006 12:31:00 -0700
The Baltimore Sun's Dan Connolly reports RP Jason Grimsley has allegedly named several members of last season's Baltimore Orioles team as amphetamines users.

White Sox Ozzie blasts Grimsley
Thu, 8 Jun 2006 10:10:00 -0700
The Chicago Tribune's Mark Gonzales reports Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen blasted RP Jason Grimsley for naming names after being caught with performance-enhancing drugs. "Only thing I can say is that a former player should shut up and go," Guillen said. "Shut up and move on. We don't need these guys here. Baseball is better without him."

Diamondbacks More on Grimsley release
Wed, 7 Jun 2006 13:08:02 -0700
Updating an earlier report, the Associated Press reports RP Jason Grimsley requested his release from the Arizona Diamondbacks so they wouldn't be tied to the ongoing steroid investigations. "He expressed to us that he had too much respect for to allow this to bring us down," pitcher Terry Mulholland said. "He's that kind of guy."

Diamondbacks Grimsley released
Wed, 7 Jun 2006 12:06:21 -0700
ESPNews reports the Arizona Diamondbacks released RP Jason Grimsley.

Diamondbacks Grimsley reportedly admits steroid use
Wed, 7 Jun 2006 08:00:40 -0700 reports Arizona Diamondbacks RP Jason Grimsley reportedly told federal investigators, during the BALCO investigations, he used illegal performance-enhancing drugs. Thirteen agents searched Grimsley's home for records regarding illicit drug use or purchase Tuesday, June 6, but refused to reveal what they had found.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Late Rally too Little Too Late

After many frusturating hours on my host site, all the technical issues have been resolved. We were unable to provide posts and updates, but we are now back online.

Tonight Randy Johnson took the mound against the Oakland Athletics in New York and it wasn't good.
The Big Unit was hit for six runs, five earned, in four innings as the A's took the first game in this series.
Yankees were trailing 6-2 until after a one hour and 27 minute rain delay during the seventh seventh inning. The rally started when Jason Giambi hit a three-run home run and Robinson Cano hit an RBI triple to cut the lead to one, but it wasn't enough as the Athletic's bullpen held onto the lead for the win.

Up Next:
Athletics @ Yankees 1:20 EST
Kirk Saarloos (2-4, 5.04 ERA) vs. Mike Mussina (8-1, 2.67 ERA)

Red Sox Update:
Sox defeated the Rangers to take over first in the East.

PATR Update:
We have just completed the 1911 season. So far they are undefeated on the following dates:
April 14
May 19
Oct 1
They have not had a defeated day of the year.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Project Started

Some of my readers may have know about a few projects already in progress and some that are on the way. Well, I am happy to announce that we have started a new project, one huge enough to actually make a dent in the Yankeesphere.
While we are still compiling data for out Yankees history database, we have been given the OK to start on the toughest project BronxBloggers will ever face.
This project, know as Project All-Time Record, or PATR for short is a huge database of the records of every single season and the scores of every single Yankees game ever. We have gone far back as the 1901 Orioles, will progress through the Highlanders, and then complete the project with the Yankees.
This project will enable everyone to find out the all-time record on a particular date, team, and both if you wish.
Are the Yankees undefeated on June 7? What is their record against the Boston Red Sox on August 17? Against what team do the Yankees have the most shut outs against?
All those questions will be answered upon completion of PATR. I will also provide a tracker on the bottom of each game results post tracking the progress of this project.
So far the 1901 season is completed and we plan on starting the 1902 season and possibly start on the 1903 season today.

We are still looking for more dates in Yankees history. If you have anything that you would like to submit, please, send us an e-mail. Also, if you would like to see any projects that we haven't completed, send us an e-mail too. BlogExplosion members will receive credits if their idea is approved.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

2006 Draft, Day 2

Here are the results of the second day of the amateur draft.

Round 19
2B Christopher Kunda
Oregon State University

Round 20
2B Kevin Russo
Baylor Univesity

Round 21
2B Russell Raley
University of Oklahoma

Round 22
LF Brian Aragon
North Carolina State University

Round 23
LHP Brandon Thomson
Chandler Gilbert Community College

Round 24
C Brian Baisley
University of South Florida

Round 25
SS Kevin carby
Texarkana Community College

Round 26
LHP Timothy Dennehy
Chandler Gilbert Community College

Round 27
RHP Michael Lee
Bellevue Community College

Round 28
RHP Barrett Bruce
Flower Mound High School

Round 29
C Orlando Torres
Peurto Rico Baseball Academy High School

Round 30
C Brock Ungricht
San Diego State University

Round 31
CF Zakary Presley
Carroll High School

Round 32
LHP Thomas Palica
Golden West College

Round 33
RHP Luke trubee
University of Daytom

Round 34
SS Tyler Ladendorf
Maine West High School

Round 35
3B David Van Ostrand
Allan Hancock College

Round 36
RHP Jared Rogers
Duncanville High School

Round 37
3B Timothy O'Brien
San Diego State University

Round 38
LF Nicholas Diyorio
Florida Southern College

Round 39
1B Kevin Smith
University of Oklahoma

Round 40
LHP Tanner Chitwood
Sulpher High School

Round 41
LF Ohmed Danesh
Dr. Phillips High School

Round 42
SS Dan Duffy
Mountain Ridge High School

Round 43
LHP Eric Erickson
Sarasota High School

Round 44
C James Lasala
Iona College

Round 45
RHP Nathan Albert
Bakersfield College

Round 46
RHP Jeff Ludlow
Palm Harbor University High School

Round 47
C Charles Smith
Second Baptist School

Round 48
C Jeffrey Loveys
Ball State University

Round 49
RF Chase Odenreider
Creighton University

Round 50
1B Sam Honeck
Grayson County College

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Yankees Off, Not Me

The Yankees may have had a day off due to a rain out in New York, but the author of this blog, me, had a softball game today.
I had a good start until the third inning when I started to play like shit.
In my first at bat I managed to blast an RBI double only to be stranded on the base and made a nice play at the plate.
But things went downhill as the game went on.
It was a routine bunt attempt that I fielded cleanly, but the throw went high enabling the batter to stretch a single into a triple. Another fielding blunder was a simple pop up. I centered myself on the ball, had my glove ready, but the spin on the ball sent it flying backward into foul territory. I knew something bad was going to happen; you never give away free outs. The batter wound up slugging a triple on the next pitch. So instead of two outs, hey had a one out rally.
My last two at bats were nothing but horrible. I struck out my second time swinging at a ball to high and in my final at bat, blooped a pop up to the worst fielder who caught it. I was running down the base line cursing at the top of my lungs. Some of my teammates didn't like that, fuck them, I may not be the bes tplayer out there, but I have passion and if things don't go my way, I will curse, throw, beat, and toss things. You could say that I have the mentality of Paul O'Neill. Instead of a water cooler to shash, I had no choice but to punch the fence.
So there you have it, A bad fielding day and a horrible batting day. Normally I don't mind going 1-3, but those two outs were stupid outs that never should have happened.
I don't want to be a hero, I want to help out in a win, and if we lose, I want to make sure I'm not at fault for it.
We wound up winning, but it took our last at bats to do so.

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2006 Amateur Draft Results Day 1

Here are the results of the first day of the 2006 Amateur Draft

Round 1
RHP Ian Kennedy
University of Southern California

Comp A
RHP Joba Chamberlain
University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Round 2
No pick

Round 3
RHP Zachary McAllister
Illinois Valley Central High School

Round 4
RF Colin Curtis
Arizona State University

Round 5
RHP George Kontos
Northwestern University

Round 6
SS Mitchell Hilligoss
Purdue University

Round 7
RHP Timothy Northon
University of Connecticut

Round 8
RHP Dellin Betances
Grand Street Camput

Round 9
RHP Mark Melancon
University of Arizona

Round 10
RHP Casey Erickson
Springfield College

Round 11
LF Jeffrey Fortenberry
Baylor University

Round 12
RHP Nicholas Peterson
University of Tampa

Round 13
RHP Daniel McCutchen
University of Oklahoma

Round 14
LF Donald Hollingsworth
UC Riverside

Round 15
RHP Gabriel Medina
Emporia State University

Round 16
RHP Paul Patterson
Northern Kentucky University

Round 17
RHP David Robertson
University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa

Round 18
LHP Paul Howell
American Christian Academy

Day two of the draft begins at 1:00 EST this afternoon.

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Yankees Take a Second Win

I had expected another blow out like last night since the Red Sox put up some rookie named Pauley. That was not the story last night, more of a pitchers duel.
The Red Sox came first when David Ortiz slugged a home run in the third off the right field facade to make it a 1-0 game.
Bernie Williams quickly tied it with his home run in the fifth and the crowd loved it and demanded a curtain call.
The Yankees had another odd run scored in the seventh when Miguel Cairo with two outs, hit a slow roller to Pauley who misplayed the ball and second baseman Mark Loretta made an attempt to barehand the ball without success. Johnny Damon followed through with a single and Melky Cabrera loaded the bases with a walk.
Jason Giambi got the game-winning RBI when he was walked.
Melky Cabrera got the crowd going in the eighth when he leaped up and over the fence to rob Manny Ramirez of the game-tying home run off reliever Kyle Farnsworth.
Mariano Rivera took over the ninth and recorded his 12th save of the season.

Final Score:
Yankees 2, Red Sox 1

Up Next:
Red Sox @ Yankees 7:05 EST

Curt Schilling (8-2, 3.86 ERA) vs. Jaret Wright (3-3, 4.12 ERA)

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Featured Player: Rob Gardner

Today's featured player is former pitcher Richard Frank Gardner.
Gardner was born on December 19, 1944 in Binghampton, New York and made his major league debut September 1, 1965 with the New York Mets as an amateur free agent.
On June 12, 1969, the Cleveland Indians traded Gardner to the Yankees for catcher John Orsino.
In his lone 1970 Yankees season, we went 1-0 in his only game and lasted 7 1/3 innings. He gave up eight hits including two home runs, four runs total, walked five and struck out eight.
Less than a year later on April 9, 1971, he was traded along with pitcher Ron Klimkowski to the Oakland Athletics for outfielder Felipe Alou.
He made a return when the Athletic's traded him back for utility infielder Curt Blefary.
He earned more playing time going 8-5 giving up a total of 43 runs in 97 innings pitched. He struck out 58 while posting a modest 3.06 ERA, good enough to be a regular starter is today's game.
On November 24, 1972, the Yankees traded him back to the Athletic's for Felipe's brother, Matty and a player to be named later. The player was Rich McKinney.
Gardner played his final game on July 13, 1973.

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Boston Massacre

The last time the Yankees faced Josh Beckett was game six of the 2003 World Series. Fans might remember the 2-0 shutout, Jorge Posada grounding out to Beckett for the final out of the series.
Then again, some fans still remember last night, when the Yankees got revenge. I had predicted a very good game, a pitchers duel if you will, it was nothing but.
Yankees scored first and always putting up one in the first on a crazy play. Melky Cabrera was on first base, but due to a wild pitch, reached second, then catcher Jason Varitek threw wildly at second but skiddered away allowing Cabrera to reach third. Third Base coach Larry Bowa told him to score seeing as Varitek was backing up the third baseman leaving home plate vacant. The throw to the plate was also wild thus scoring Melky.
In the second, all hell was released. Andy Phillips and Jason Giambi led the scoring with e three-run home run each. Beckett lasted onlt 1 1/3 innings, his shortest outing ever. The Yankees added five more in the third off Jermaine Van Buren as Cabrera and Robinson Cano each had two RBI doubles.
Unlike Beckett, Mussina was dominate giving up five runs, four earned while striking out eight. His final strike out tied him with Jack Morris for ninth all-time in the American League with 2,478.
Mariano Rivera pitched the ninth after being out due to back spasms.

Final Score:
Yankees 13, Red Sox 5

Up Next:
Red Sox @ Yankees 7:03 EST
David Pauley (0-0, 12.46 ERA) vs. Chein-Ming Wang (5-2, 4.82 ERA)

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Another Player of the Month in New York

Yankees took home a second Player of the Month title, this one going to third baseman Alex Rodriguez, his seventh in his career.
A-Rod batted .330 and hit safely 23 out of 28 games, slugged eight home runs and drove in 28 while posting 68 total bases.
This is the second month in a row that the Yankees have taken the PotM honors, the first was Jason Giambi in April.

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Power Rankings

The Yankees rank #1 on the weekly power rankings on FOX Sports just ahead the Detroit Tigers, a huge jump from their #5 ranking last week. The Yankees will face the #8 Boston Red Sox for a four-game series starting tonight.

I do apologize for not releasing the daily Featured Players. I have been busy with my family and building the Yankees historical database and a couple other projects I am working on. To make up for my shortcomings, I will post two players all week followed up by a triple shot on Sunday.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Small Feeling Smaller

Yankees chances for a sweep were again shattered in the final game of the series.
Aaron Small took the mound today for and was hit hard and quick. The Baltimore Orioles scored seven runs on nine hits including three home runs and was removed immediately.
Alex Rodriguez return to the line up after a stomach virus kept him out and went 0-4.
Derek Jeter was removed in the sixth inning after a pitch hit him in the thumb. This was a precautionary removal and should be ready for tomorrow's game. With Jeter out, Torre rearranged the infield Jorge Posada played first base, Miguel Cairo went from third to shortstop, and Andy Phillips went from first to third.
Jason Giambi should return to full strength after missing a couple games also due to a stomach virus. No more sushi bar.
Mariano Rivera should return to the bullpen after missing four games to shoe-tying induced back spasms.

Final Score:
Yankees 4, Orioles 11

Up Next:
Red Sox @ Yankees 7:05 EST
Josh Beckett (7-2, 4.46 ERA) vs. Mike Mussina (7-1, 2.42 ERA)

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Do you need $50,000?

I recently got an e-mail from the casting director of the hit series "Trading Spouses" asking for a family that would volunteer to try out for the show. The family has to be a huge Yankees fan and the youngest child needs to be at least six years of age. My son is two, my wife isn't a baseball fan, and I live in an apartment. Take a moment to read this e-mail and see if you qualify. Contact information is at the end of the e-mail. Any support would be greatly appreciated by Fox.

Hello there,

My name is Hedy Melamed and I am a casting director at FOX. I
currently looking for a
family that is a HUGE YANKEE FAN!They have to be married with kids
above the
age of 6 years old.

It's for Fox's hit reality show "Trading Spouses." If you are
familiar with the show, it's a family oriented
show that highlights various cultures and lifestyles of families across
America. It's been compared to a "foreign exchange student program" for
parents. It's a once in a lifetime experience that is fun, educational
At the end of the seven-day shoot, each family will receive $50,000!

Do you know of one?
Any suggestions?

I AM ON A CRAZY DEADLINE CRUNCH! I can be reached at (323)
or via email at Also check out
click on the Trading Spouses icon for more information. I would greatly
appreciate your feedback!

Hedy Melamed

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Damon Uses Pinstripe Mystique

In a back and forth game, the Yankees were the last on top. Baltimore came out with a run in the first and third innings to make it a slim 2-0 lead until the Yankees came with a run of their own. In the sixth inning, the pinstripes added more runs, two exact, until Baltimore scored one to tie the game at three.
Yankees scored again twice in the seventh to take a lead only to see it be tied once again by the fighting birds.
In the ninth inning, Johnny Damon reached base, stole second and was called out until he hit the ball out of Brian Robert's glove to reverse the umpires call. Two batters later, Derek Jeter laced a line drive base hit to score Damon and take a 6-5 lead.
With Rivera still out, Joe Torre called on Kyle Farnsworth to protect the lead which he failed to do last night. This night he proved successful and closed out the game.
Derek Jeter was batting in the three spot and promptly went 2-3 with two RBIs and a run scored.

Final Score:
Yankees 6, Orioles 5

Up Next:
Yankees @ Orioles 4:35 EST
Randy Johnson (7-4, 5.37 ERA) vs. Adam Loewen (0-0, 9.64 ERA)

Yankees Injury Update:
-Alex Rodriguez was scratched form the line up doe to a stomach disorder.
-Gary Sheffield went on the disabled list due to a torn ligament and a dislocated tendon in his left wrist. Sheff will require surgery to fix the injury and may be out a couple of months.

Red Sox Update:
Sox win, hold on to East lead.

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Yankees Blow Six Run Lead

In a stunning turn of events, the Yankees blew their largest lead of the season and a chance to record their sixth straight victory.
With a weakened line up, the Yankees have proven successful against the first place Tigers taking the first three games of the four game series. However, the last game proved difficult.
Yankees pounced on the Tigers taking an early 6-0 lead thanks to a Jorge Posada three-run double and a Jason Giambi home run. However, Chein-Ming Wang ran into a trouble and allowed five runs and was yanked after four and a third. The Yankees bullpen proved surprisingly well as they allowed no runs going into the ninth inning when they called on set up man Kyle Farnsworth.
Mariano Rivera was taken out of the pen due to back spasms while tying his shoes. Dee dee dee!
Farnsworth was expected to close out the game and the sweep, but allowed the game to be tied, and let Carlos Guillen get away with the game-winning hit.
Yankees dropped to second in the East since the Boston Red Sox had an off-day.

Final Score:
Yankees 6, Tigers 7

Up Next:
Yankees @ Orioles 7:03 EST
Jaret Wright (3-3, 4.30 ERA) vs. Kris Benson (6-4, 4.80 ERA)

Red Sox Update:
Sox had an off day, due to a Yankees loss, claim sole possession of first on the AL East.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Future Projects

We here at BronxBloggers are working on a few projects that will be revealed to you shortly. One of the projects is already underway and that is the huge database of dates in Yankees history. Today we added no-hitters for and against the Yankees, players that have hot for the cycle, and some managerial hiring and firing dates. We are still adding more dates and anything that you the reader can submit, please, shoot me an e-mail. For you BlogExplosion members, anything that you submit and we use, you will be awarded some BE credits.
Another project in the midst is one that was inspired by me the book The Baseball Uncyclopedia. One of the chapters was about non-sports fans. If a person that didn't know much about sports, and they went to their local bookstore and stopped by the sports section, the only three team that they would think are in baseball are the Yankees, Red Sox, and their local team. So, I decided to go to all the bookstores in my little city of Abilene, Texas, and make a tally of all the baseball books and chart them and eventually blog about it with in depth charts and if there really are only three teams in your state.
Another project that came in discussion was recording the all-time win/loss record on the Yankees on a certain date along with complete records against other teams on that date. Is it possible that the Yankees are undefeated on June 1st against the Detroit Tigers? Once we have all the data and it become official and reviewed, we will find out.
All these projects will happen, all it is is a matter of time and a lot of baseball nerds with no time on their hands.
Stay tuned for the final score of the Yankees/Tigers game and the Player of the Day.

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Rocket Signs with Astros

Former Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens has made up his decision of who to play for. Wit four teams fighting for hit arm, he chose the Houston Astros. Last season he led the National League with a 1.87 ERA. The other teams fighting for rights were the Boston Red Sox, Yankees, and the Texas Rangers.
Astros will pay Clemens $14 million for the rest of the season.

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BronxBloggers Sets New Record

Ever since BronxBloggers came online, we have seen out fanbase increase monthly. We started off with 313 visitors in the month of January only to see it drop the next month, but it has been rising ever since then. For May, we have seen out total unique visitors top off at 1,505. That may not seem like a lot, but keep in mind, BronxBloggers is relatively new and we hope to break this record again in June. So for we have eight.

Other interesting stats:
Popular hour: 3:00-3:59 AM CST
Popular Day: Tuesday 19.5% of visitors
Popular Week: May 14-20 533 visitors

We have had five subscribers and visitors from 88 different countries including a recent visitor from Qatar.
Thank you all for visiting this site and making it worthwhile. We hope you continue to come by and to recommend this site to any fans.

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Mussina Goes the Distance

What would have been Mike Mussina's 24th career shutout, turned out to be a complete game victory.
Alex Rodriguez allowed Detroit Tiger Placido Polanco to advance on third on a routine throw to first, but threw it too low and allowed the runner to advance to second. The next batter, Magglio Ordonez, spoiled Mussina's bid on the shut out with an RBI triple. Statistically, Moose is credited with a shut out since the run was unearned due to A-Rod's throwing blunder.
Jorge Posada put the Yankee son the board in the first with an RBI single and built up a 6-0 lead with two more runs in the eighth and ninth inning.
Yankees remained tied for first with their fifth straight win.

Final Score:
Yankees 6, Tigers 1

Up Next:
Yankees @ Tigers
Chein-Ming Wang (5-2, 4.50 ERA) vs. Justin Verlander (7-3, 2.55 ERA)

Red Sox Update:
Sox finally took a win over the Blue Jays.

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