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Yankees Free Agents and Off-Season News


Filed for FA:

Chad Moeller, C
(B) Ivan Rodriguez, C
(A) Bobby Abreu, OF
Sidney Ponson, SP
(A) Mike Mussina, SP - Retired. One of five pitchers to retire after winning 20 games the previous season.
(A) Andy Pettitte, SP - Yankees will talk with Mussina first before Pettitte.

Non-tendered Contracts (became free agent)
Chris Britton
Justin Christian

End of Contract:

Jason Giambi, 1B/DH (Club option not picked up)
Carl Pavano, SP (Club option not picked up)
Damaso Marte, RP (Club option not picked up)
-Nov 12: Signed a three-year $12MM contract with team option for 2012



Not Offered:
Mike Mussina
Bobby Abreu
Andy Pettitte

Yankees Watch List:

C.C. Sabathia, SP
-Nov 14: Initial offer: around $140 Million for six years
-Dec 8: Sabathia met with GM Brian Cashman
-Dec 9: Rumor that Sabathia declined Yankees offer was wrong.
-Second meeting with Cashman
-Dec 10: Expected to sign a 7-year $160MM deal
-Agreed on 7-year $161MM deal with opt out clause after third year
-Yankees to officially introduce Sabathia Dec 18

Teixeira and Manny Ramirez watch lists removed due to no interest

Other Signings and deals:
Nov 3
Sergio Mitre, SP: Signed to MiLB for one year with team opt for 2010.

Nov 13
Traded Wilson Betemit (IF), Jeff Marquez (MiLB SP) and Jhonny Nunez (MiLB SP) to the White Sox for Nick Swisher (OF) and Kanekoa Texeira (MiLB SP)

Nov 15
Sold Darrell Rasner to Japan's Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles for $1 million

Dec 12
A.J. Burnett agreed on a preliminary 5-year $82.5MM contract
-Yankees give Toronto 2009 second round draft pick and a supplementary pick

Rule V Draft result:
MLB Round 1 - pass
-Mariners draft SS/2B Reggie Corona
Marlins draft SP Zack Kroenke
-Twins draft SP Jason Jones

MLB Round 2 - no pick
-Padres draft SP Ivan Nova

AAA Round 1 - pass
-Pirates draft SP Andres Santos

AAA Round 2 - no pick
-Athletics draft SP Josue Salinas

Rumor Mill:
Jake Peavy has added the Yankees to the list he would like to get traded to.
-Peavy's agent has only spoken to NL teams, not AL.
Hideki Matsui is being shopped around
Cashman met with Sabathia's agent

Nov 4
A.J. Burnett opted out of team contract with TOR

Nov 6
Talks of a Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera and Ian Kennedy have surfaced.
Ian Kennedy is off-limits for any trades.

Nov 7
A rumor to send Robinson Cano to LA for Russell Martin and Matt Kemp are unlikely.
Brewers expressed interest in Melky Cabrera and Ian Kennedy

Nov 8
A rumor that was downplayed to send Hideki Matsui to Seattle in return for a pitcher, then send the pitcher (or different pitcher) and Robinson Cano to Colorado for Matt Holiday.
-Holiday has been traded to the Athletics.
-If Seattle loses Raul Ibanez, talks for Matsui might resurface.

Nov 10
The Yankees chances of grabbing Jake Peavy are slim to none.

Nov 11
The Houston Astros would like to sign Pettitte. Also, the Cubs and Cardinals are interested in him.

Nov 12
Marlins have expressed interest in Carl Pavano

Nov 13
New York Mets expressed interest in Bobby Abreu but not his asking salary
Seattle Mariners and Toronto Blue Jays have expressed interest in Jason Giambi
Yankees are expected to make an offer for C.C. Sabathia tomorrow

Nov 18
Yankees prepare to offer A.J. Burnett a 5-year $80MM deal
Yankees to offer Abreu arbitration
Peavy talks are pretty much dead

Nov 19
A.J. Burnett is only considering 5-year offers, the Yankees have not committed to it yet. The offer from yesterday is now rumored false. The projected offer was 4 years at $13.5MM per year.
Bernie Williams is still not set on retirement

Nov 20
Yankees expressed interest in Orlando Hudson
Sabathia is rumored not to sign until after Thanksgiving
George Steinbrenner stepped down as principle owner of the Yankees. Hal Steinbrenner has taken over.

Nov 21
Sabathia has one week to either accept or decline the offer, otherwise the Yankees will remove the offer and move on.
Yankees and Red Sox may be the top two suitors for Derek Lowe

Nov 22
The Cubs have expressed interest in Bobby Abreu
The Yankees will not offer A.J. Burnett a five-year contract

Nov 25
No news...too quiet...

Nov 26
Andy Pettitte spoke with Dodger's and former manager Joe Torre. Dodgers say they are unlikely to sign Pettitte.

Dec 1
Dodgers GM Ned Colletti expressed "some" interest in Pettitte
Ivan Rodriguez is not expected to return for the 2009 season. Posada is projected to be the Opening Day starting catcher

Dec 3
Dodgers gather info on Pettitte
Yankees start to pursue Rays OF Rocco Baldelli

Dec 8
General Manager Winter Meetings started

Dec 9
If the Sabathia deal does not go through, Yankees may bump up offer for A.J. Burnett

Dec 10
Yankees extend original offer to Burnett with a fifth year

Dec 11
The Yankees may trade Melky Cabrera to the Brewers for OF Mike Cameron
Jason Giambi would like to return to the Yankees
Brian Cashman flew to Pettitte's home with a $10MM offer for the 2009 season
White Sox have infomation on Bobby Abreu
Johan Santana is pushing for the Mets to sign Abreu
Yankees and Braves are the "finalists" for A.J. Burnett

Dec 12
Cubs, Rays, Dodgers, and Angels expressed interest in Bobby Abreu

Dec 14
The Melky Cabrera for Mike Careron deal is close, but not complete
Yankees want to unload Kei Igawa's contract on the Brewers, but the Brewers do not want to pay it
Yankees refuse to trade any pitcher on their 40-man roster
If the Yankees do not sign Mark Teixeira, then they will focus on Manny Ramirez

Dec 15
Rumor has it Andy Pettitte could be offered a three-year $36MM offer
The Melky Cabrera for Mike Careron deal is getting cold and may not happen

Dec 16
The Melky Cabrera for Mike Careron deal is now confusing. One source says a tentative deal has been reached, another source says the Brewers haven't heard from the Yankees. Who the hell knows now.
If the Yankees do not sign Pettitte, they will resume talks for Derek Lowe

Dec 17
GM Brian Cashman in not fond of Manny Ramirez, but Hank and Hal Steinbrenner are.
Yankees express interest in Ben Sheets

Dec 18
Brewers may keep Mike Cameron
White Sox express interest in Bobby Abreu
Andy Pettitte wants to return to the Yankees
Rumor of a possible offer to Manny Ramirez was debunked

Dec 19
Athletics will begin talking about a contract with Jason Giambi. Rays have expresserd interest in him as well
Yankees will avoid any signing talks with Ben Sheets

Dec 20
A source familliar with Andy Pettitte says a signing with the Yankees is "inevitable"

Dec 21
Yankees have not made an offer to Mark Teixeira, but are discussing it within the front office

Dec 22
Yankees resigned Chein-Ming Wang to a one-year $5MM deal
A Dominican Republic source says the Yankees offered Manny Ramirez a 3-year $75MM deal. Brian Cashman says the report in untrue
If the Yankees sign Teixeira, they will pay only slightly more than they did for Sabathia


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