Thursday, June 01, 2006

Future Projects

We here at BronxBloggers are working on a few projects that will be revealed to you shortly. One of the projects is already underway and that is the huge database of dates in Yankees history. Today we added no-hitters for and against the Yankees, players that have hot for the cycle, and some managerial hiring and firing dates. We are still adding more dates and anything that you the reader can submit, please, shoot me an e-mail. For you BlogExplosion members, anything that you submit and we use, you will be awarded some BE credits.
Another project in the midst is one that was inspired by me the book The Baseball Uncyclopedia. One of the chapters was about non-sports fans. If a person that didn't know much about sports, and they went to their local bookstore and stopped by the sports section, the only three team that they would think are in baseball are the Yankees, Red Sox, and their local team. So, I decided to go to all the bookstores in my little city of Abilene, Texas, and make a tally of all the baseball books and chart them and eventually blog about it with in depth charts and if there really are only three teams in your state.
Another project that came in discussion was recording the all-time win/loss record on the Yankees on a certain date along with complete records against other teams on that date. Is it possible that the Yankees are undefeated on June 1st against the Detroit Tigers? Once we have all the data and it become official and reviewed, we will find out.
All these projects will happen, all it is is a matter of time and a lot of baseball nerds with no time on their hands.
Stay tuned for the final score of the Yankees/Tigers game and the Player of the Day.

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