Sunday, June 18, 2006

Roger Clemens Conspiracy

There have been many conspiracies in the news, past and present. One is the Moon landing, was it filmed in a studio, or was it actual footage. Did lee Harvey Oswald really shoot Kennedy? And the most recent conspiracy is 9/11.
Now baseball has a conspiracy.
Did Roger Clemens take steroids, and was he suspended?
Many of you know that he was contemplating retirement until finally signing with the Astros for a third season. What you do not realize is that he may have been suspended for steroids and was covered up by Bud Selig or any other high baseball exec.
First off, the new steroid suspension violation is a 50-day suspension from baseball, second is a 100-day suspension, and a third is a lifetime ban from baseball.
It all started after Roger Clemens supposedly failed to meet an agreement with the Astros making him "ineligible" to play with them. The season went on without him leaving all of us wondering if he would in fact play baseball again, and with what team. The Rangers, Yankees, and Red Sox were in the pool to sign Clemens and may or may have not known the actual truth. ESPN reported that Clemens may sign with a team sometime before June.
The media played an important part in this conspiracy mentioning that Roger Clemens was considering retiring, again. But if you look more closely, it may present a different story.
Roger Clemens did not play the beginning of the season until finally signing with the Astros on May 21, approximately 60 days after the season started, or in this case, sitting out on his suspension.
Another reason why we fans did know about this is because Clemens is a high profile player and if any word leaked that he was actually suspended, it would create ripples in the baseball world. Last year Rafael Palmeiro was suspended for steroid use and was suspended for 10 games, and eventually forcing him into retirement.
If this was the case for Clemens, then the media would have a frenzy and Clemens 20+ career would be washed from the book. No 20 strike out games, no 300 wins, no 4,000 strike outs.
Clemens decision to "sign" with the Astros was really his return to his team that he may have signed with during the off season after testing positive for steroids.
I am here not to defemate Roger Clemens, or cause an uproar, but here just explaining another conspiracy. I do not know of any positive results, I do not know if he actually took the juice and popped positive. He may have really not signed with the Astros until May, he may have actually thought about permanently retiring.
But if this conspiracy holds up, you heard it here first.

I would like to hear your opinions, do you believe that Clemens took steroids, tested positive, and served his suspension that was covered up by the media, or do you believe that he is in fact innocent and was waiting for the right offer to come along?

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  • Blogger Some Girl posted at 2:19 PM  
    WOW, that sounds very plausible. Never thought of that. Hope its not true though....
  • Blogger ChadGramling posted at 2:32 PM  
    Good theory. My own theory is with regard to money rather than steroids. The simple fact is that Clemens is old and physically less capable of enduring an entire season. By waiting to make a decision, he created an ultimate bidding war despite the fact that every sign pointed to him returning to Houston: 1.) His son plays in the Houston system, 2.) Clemens has a front office deal to work with Houston after he retires, 3.) basically gets to work when he wants and get paid twice the amount and 4.) he is part owner of the Round Rock Espress. The latter fact is relevant when you factor in that his "rehab" assignment in Round Rock created national TV exposure and people paying $600 for tickets to see the Rocket destroy minor league kids. Media exposure like that will last for months and maybe years. So I guess my theory is a little more simple: Clemens GOT PAID in more ways than one by playing the game more and playing less of THE game.
  • Blogger Scooter posted at 5:31 PM  
    Clemens never "failed to reach an agreement," the Astros chose not to go to arbitration thus being unable to resign him until after May 1st. He was never going to play in NY or Boston because his gig in Houston was too good, it was all hype drummed up by newspapers in the city and ESPN for viewers.

    Not too mention, MLB is pretty horrible at keeping secerts, so if your theory was true, no doubt that it would have leaked by now.

    Scooter McGavin's 9th Green
  • Blogger hotdogman posted at 6:30 PM  
    I wouldn't put it past old Roger. He was a hell of a pitcher, but he has never been a very good human being. When he was with the Sox, I saw him around town every once in a while, usually with a bimbette on his arm (not Mrs. C). He was a philandering SOB back then so nothing he does would surprise me.
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