Thursday, August 02, 2007

Note to A-Rod

It's good to see that you are taking lightly to your recent batting drought, and that's OK. You are relaxed and are not worrying about the media adding pressure to what is already a pressure-inducing at bat.

I've noticed when you are at bat for #500, you are tense and don't look comfortable at the plate. With every pitch you see flashbulbs go off and all you can think about is the home run. You get under the ball and what would normally be a home run winds up to be a deep out.

Just relax, swing like you would in any situation, and the home run will come. In the meantime, get out of your slump. Drop a bunt to catch the defense off guard.

-BB Staff



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BallHype: hype it up! Posted by Steve Kenul at 10:49 AM


  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 3:57 PM  
    what do you think arods really worth? this conversation was pretty interesting to me. check this out.
  • Blogger Steve Kenul posted at 11:30 PM  
    I did take a look at the convo and I do agree that he is well overpayed. The media makes him look like the bad guy when he doesn;t hit a home run. Last year when he had an "off year",m he still managed to hit .295, 35HR, and over 100 RBI. Placed 9th in the MVP and was on the All-Star Team.
    I have always liked A-Rod and he is a great player.
    Media needs to relax and come to realize that he can not alway hit the game winning home run, he will have his oafer days and he will endure slumps.
    When the Yankees hit 8 home runs, the media attacked A-Rod and asked why he didn't hit one too.
    Why attack him when the captain of the Yankees, Derek Jeter, aslo did not hit one?
    Media is crazy, they control who's the good guy and the bad guy.
  • Anonymous sir jorge posted at 11:44 PM  
    maybe he's having nightmares of when he got BOOOED out of the building here at Safeco...
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