Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Game That Shold Have Been

The following takes place between the seventh and ninth inning...

“And Hughes appears to have hurt his leg on that pitch as we take a look at the replay.
Yes, it looks like he grabbed the back of his knee and here comes Guidry and Torre to see what is going on, so we will be back after a few short moments and hope for the best. You are listening to the Yankees in Dallas and Philip Hughes is pitching a gem.

“Welcome back to the game, while we took the break, Hughes threw a couple precautionary pitched and seems alright and have left him in the game and we continue what has started.

“Teixeira steps in on a oh-two count and takes a ball low and outside.

“Two-one with the pitch on the way, ground bail to Jeter, fields, and he is out.

“Next batter is Victor Diaz who struck out and grounded out earlier in the game, drives the first pitch he sees to Cano who throws him out, and we are down to the final six outs. Phil Hughes on his way to history.

“Frank Francisco is in replacing Mahay and he will have to face the meat of the line-up one last time.

“Giambi digs in looking at ball one.
“Ball two just high.
“Oh-two taken for strike one as he let's one by.
“Fly ball to center field, Lofton is there to make the catch.

“You know for the fans here and those watching on TV, you want the Yankees to have quick innings and see how far Hughes can take his game. Almost builds up suspense.

“Hughes, a rookie, and in his second game of his career, is embarking on one of the greatest feats a pitcher can endure.

“Rodriguez, still getting a mix of cheers and boos from the crowd, steps in.
“Taking ball one...
“...Fransisco deals, strike swinging. A-Rod has slowed down since the last series against the Red Sox, if you can call it that. He still gets on base, but the home runs and RBIs have stopped and he will take ball two...The two-one, swung on for a base hit to left field.

"Up next is Matsui who is having a great day producing three runs and scoring one.
“Fransisco deals and another first pitch ball...strike swinging to even the count.
“Matsui lifts one to center, but Lofton is there for the second out.

“Posada will come up to the plate.

“If you take a look over at the dugout, you can see Hughes sitting alone with his jacket partially on and either an ice pack or heat pack on his leg from what appeared to be some sort of hamstring pull.

“Posada takes ball one...
“But during the break, he threw a couple pitches, felt fine, and Torre left him in.
“Ball two on Posada...

Now the question is, do you take Hughes out as a precautionary move, or keep him in and see what he can do?

“Posada fouled one to the left side, one-two the count...
“If I were Torre, leave him in, but when he does give up a hit, then call in the replacements.

“Posada hits a fly to Diaz, and we will have our answer in just a few moments. The score is Yankees nine, Rangers nothing.

“Welcome back to the game and for those of you tuning in from the Mavericks-Warriors game, let me tell you, you are going to witness history. Phil Hughes, the Yankees pitching prospect, and in just his second game, is pitching what would be the best game he may ever have in his career.

“Hank Blalock steps in and the crowd starts rising to their feet.
“Blalock...takes the first one looking...
“Blalock drives one in deep right, Abreu is back, Abreu, he makes the catch! He had to run far and hard for that one, but still managed to get the first out the the crowd cheers in approval.

“Kinsler is up now and you can feel the excitement. Yankees fans and Rangers fans, all cheering for history in the making and Kinsler will take ball one.
“So, one out in the eighth inning, Hughes approaching a level of greatness throws ball two.
“Kinsler smacks a hard one to Cano, who dives for the one hopper, and on his knees throws it to first for the second out!

“Wow! It seems as the defense has also reached a new level in preserving history.

“Two out, bottom of the eighth, and here comes Jerry Hairston Jr who is pinch hitting for Wilkerson.
"Wilkerson, who has been sitting on the bench the entire game may have caught on Hughes pitches, but from his angle and the batters angle, things can be different and he will take ball one.

“Yankees have some action in the pen, Luis Vizcaino warming up, so we will see if Torre keeps Hughes to finish the game.

“Junior grounds a weak one to A-Rod who fields it bare-handed and throws to first. Three outs down, three left to go! Phil Hughes, making history!

“Welcome back to the game, Yankees dominating from all sides of the game, hitting, fielding, and one lone pitcher pitching in the greatest game of his life.
“Hairston will remain in the game and play left field, C.J. Wilson is the new pitcher who will face Robinson Cano.

“Cano will take the first pitch inside.

“I just got this bit of trivia, if Hughes can finish the game in the manner he is going, he will be the fastest to the start of a career to do what he is doing. Many rookies have accomplished the no-hitter, including Marlins rookie Anibal Snachez last year.

“Cano lifts one to right-center, into the gap. Rounding first and heading to second, he will get a standing double.

“Cabrera in now.

“Hughes is playing in his second ever major league game, lost his first one, but really making a point in this one.

“Cabrera takes ball one.

“He was never supposed to pitch this early in the year, but a rash of injuries has left the Yankees with no choice but to make emergency call ups.

“Cabrera hit one to Young who throws to Teixeira, cano will advance to third on the play. One out in the top of the ninth, runner on third, Mientkiewicz up.

“As I was saying, the Yankees literally ran out of starting pitching. They currently have three pitchers on the disabled list.

“ Mientkiewicz takes ball one.

“Carl Pavano is out from a sore arm, Mike Mussina will return later this week form a hamstring injury...

“ Mientkiewicz sits on ball two.

“And Jeff Karstens is out for at least another month with a small fracture of his fibula.

“ Mientkiewicz takes ball three.

“So with the Yankees staff riddled with injuries, they had to resort the the farm system and call up a few guys,

“ Mientkiewicz watches strike one go by.

“The replacement pitchers have been holding the team together, even though the Yankees have been in a slump

“ Mientkiewicz grounds one to Blalock who misplays the ball and it goes right by him, Cano will score, Mientkiewicz will be safe on first by an error from Hank Blalock. The Yankees now lead ten to one and Bobby Abreu is next to bat.

“Back to Hughes. He is Baseball America's top pitcher and one of the top prospects in the minors.

“Abreu takes the first pitch.

“Hughes made his debut a couple weeks ago against the Blue Jays allowing four runs and taking the loss.

“Abreu fouls one down the left field line.

“The loss did not shake up the Yankees and they let him stay and here he is, pitching a gem.

“Abreu lines one sharply to Young for out number two. Derek Jeter will come up to bat with two outs in the ninth.

“Hughes said that he has a point to prove to the Yankees and they had enough confidence in him.

“Jeter fouls one back to the net...and another foul ball.
“Jeter has not had much luck in this game with one hit and two strikeouts and as we speak, takes ball one.

“If you will take a look over at the Yankees bench, all the players are sitting on one side and Hughes is all alone on the other side.

“Ball two.

“It's baseball superstition that if a pitcher is pitching this type of game, that not only do we in the announcers booth talk about it, but no one talks to the pitcher.

“Ball three for Jeter.

“It was different when Mark Buehrle had his no-hitter a couple weeks ago, he was chatting with catcher A.J. Pierzynski as if nothing was going on.

“Jeter takes ball four, Mientkiewicz moves to second.

“Josh Phelps will be pinch hitting for Giambi.
“Phelps, if you remember, started the Yankees six-run rally with a home run and ultimately ended in a walk-ff by A-Rod against the Indians two weeks ago
“Phelps will take a strike looking.

“There are two out in the ninth inning, Yankees over the Ranger ten to nothing Phil Hughes pitching a great game so far.

“Phelps fouled one back.

“If Phelps does finish the game in style, it will be the Rangers second time this season being on the receiving end of a no-no.

“That pitch is low and past the catcher, Mientkiewicz will go to third, Jeter to second and the Yankees are threating again. Both runners in scoring position

“Phelps takes ball two, the count is even.

“Fans here in Arlington are started to get restless as they want to see Hughes get the last three outs.

“Phelps strikes out on a fastball away, and we go to the bottom of the ninth, Yankees ten, rangers nothing.

“We welcome you back to the game, for those of you watching the Mavericks and Warriors, trust me, you don't want to miss this.
Philip Hughes, three out away from greatness, three outs away from a pitchers dream, three outs away from the greatest game he will ever pitch.

“Laird will step in and the crowd rises to their feet, cheering for Hughes and witnessing history.
“Fouled back for strike one and listen to this crowd. Cheering against their team in hopes of seeing magic.

“Strike two looking at a nasty curve ball and everyone is going crazy. All around the stadium, there is no one in their seats, even myself.
“Fouled down the first base line, late on the fastball.
“The count is oh and two, Laird digs in, Hughes throws, strike three, he froze him! One out! The crowd is loving this, I am loving this, are you loving this?

“Matt Kata is coming in to hit for Lofton, and Jeter has called a mound conference to talk to Hughes. I don't blame them, Hughes, in only his second game in the majors, is pitching a game that could change his life.
“The conference ends quickly and everyone goes back to their positions. One away, bottom of the ninth, and the scoreboard says it all.

“Hughes delivers, ball one. Crowd quiets down a bit on the pitch.
“The one-oh, Kata hits it to shallow center, Cabrera come in, settles, two away!

“Listen to this crowd, it's like the World Series, but instead of a championship on the line, it's greatness and history. I have never seen this crowd get the crazy before!

“Mike Young steps in to what we hope to be the final batter of the game. Two outs, Hughes on the brink of entering the record books.

“Heres the pitch, a drive to center, Cabrera there, he makes the catch!

A no-hitter, a no-hitter by Phil Hughes. In just his second game of his career, he throws his best game ever! The Yankees rookie, living to the hype as baseball's next ace, throws a game in which he did not allow a single hit!
The crowd is going wild as they have witnessed history.
Philip Hughes pitches a no-hitter and the Yankees will win the gem.
Congratulations Mr. Hughes!


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  • Blogger K.K. posted at 4:25 AM  
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  • Blogger K.K. posted at 4:29 AM  
    Sorry, gave the wrong link...

    I said the post needed to be collapseable...

    I like how Minky (can't spell it, sorry) only gets on base by an error.

    Up next, you need to write how Humberto Sanchez pitches a shutout in his first start (at this rate, sometime before June).

    Man, am I happy they fired their trainer... (Sorry about the links, too lazy to type it all again)
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