Sunday, April 22, 2007

Head to Head with the BronxBlogger

Here is a recent chat log from me and a fellow baseball fan and owner of the My Opinion on Sports empire.

dolphinfan: Dude, 4 HR's in a row!
bronxblogger: I know, crazy
dolphinfan: are you sick yet?
bronxblogger: no, still a close game
dolphinfan: Yankees pitching has really let them down this series
bronxblogger: big time
bronxblogger: then again, two rookies wont help
dolphinfan: I thought they had it in the bag Friday
bronxblogger: it was all Yankees, till Rivera pitched
bronxblogger: almost like Brad Lidge in the playoffs
dolphinfan: I've never seen him melt down like that
bronxblogger: I think he wants to be released
dolphinfan: really?
bronxblogger: two blown saves in two chances
dolphinfan: they said on ESPN Friday night that they didn't feel as if he was in shape yet
bronxblogger: he had plenty of time to get in shape
dolphinfan: I agree, but they were talking about number of actual pitches thrown in games
bronxblogger: he needs to throw the bad pitched in the bullpen, not on the mound
bronxblogger: although I am impressed with the Yankees hitting this series
bronxblogger: we can hit their best pitching
bronxblogger: got 5 off schilling, 5 of Beckett, 5 of special k
dolphinfan: A-Rod has impressed everyone this season.
bronxblogger: get the bullpen to relax, and we can take them
dolphinfan: Schilling seems done to me
bronxblogger: he's been done
bronxblogger: still riding on his bloody sock
dolphinfan: I was about to say the exact same thing
bronxblogger: I think Jeter hit the first home run off of Special K
dolphinfan: after his debut he really hasn't seemed all that special to me
bronxblogger: no, not much
bronxblogger: great movement, but gets in trouble when there is a runner on base
bronxblogger: as was demonstrated today
dolphinfan: I expected him to be more of a no contact at all guy
bronxblogger: same here
dolphinfan: people are hitting off him more than they should for a guy with that much hype.
bronxblogger: yup
dolphinfan: A-Rod is in position for more heroics if B.A. gets on
bronxblogger: I don't like Papelbon, he's too good
dolphinfan: he is throwing some nasty junk but is only a pitch away from a walk
bronxblogger: and the save
dolphinfan: true
dolphinfan: A-Rod time!
bronxblogger: A-rod needs a hit, at least a hit to be welcome back to NY
bronxblogger: but a HR will be thankful
bronxblogger: power vs power
dolphinfan: yep!
dolphinfan: he has been amazing this month
dolphinfan: 0-2
dolphinfan: first sweep at FP in 17 years
bronxblogger: well get them later this year
dolphinfan: several more opportunities
bronxblogger: just like last year, they owned us at first, then they gave us the East
dolphinfan: I never would have expected a sweep from either side
bronxblogger: I will say this, we can hit off their best
dolphinfan: the problem is giving up runs
bronxblogger: bullpen needs to relax
dolphinfan: like four consecutive HR's
dolphinfan: that had to make you sick
bronxblogger: Vizcaino and Farnsworth are both getting rocky after a nice season
bronxblogger: I was more impressed than sick


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  • Blogger hotdogman posted at 11:48 PM  

    4 Home Runs in a row?

    Petit in relief?

    A-Fraud chokes in the clutch (actually-not a surprise)?

    And the Yankee fans are making rationalizations?

    An old, hurt and disgruntled pitching staff aint no recipe for success no matter how well you hit.

    See you next weekend....
  • Blogger hotdogman posted at 11:52 PM  
    "just like last year, they owned us at first, then they gave us the East"

    Yeah, Wakefield, Varitek, Papelbon, Papi and Manny being hurt and 3 scrap heap pitchers pitching in the series had NOTHING to do with that.......
  • Blogger otilius posted at 8:56 AM  
    Sounds like the air in your part of the BANDWAGON messes with your brain.

    Relax! This is only April. Remember: there will be plenty of FAIR WEATHER for you to enjoy in the coming months.
  • Blogger hotdogman posted at 11:54 PM  
    Yeah, its only April. Last time I checked the games still count.

    Since when is the Yankees measure of success a late season sweep over a battered and injured team? Oh, I forgot, they haven't won anything this millenium. You are SUPPOSED to beat teams reeling from injuries. Just like the Sox beat the Yanks this past weekend....

    Can you say "third place Yankees?"
  • Blogger hotdogman posted at 9:52 PM  
    Can you say "Last place Yankees?"
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