Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No Call From Hall for NY

The National Baseball Hall of Fame made two phone calls today to the newest members to be enshrined. Sadly, no Yankees were called.
Congraulations are in order for Orioles shortstop turned third baseman Cal Ripken Jr. who is most remembered by breaking Lou Gehring's consecutive game streak back in 1995 and to Tony Gwynn, a former NBA draft pick turned hitting extraordinaire.
Five Yankees and former members of the team were elidgible this year for the call.
Goose Gossage, Don Mattingly, Paul O'Neill, Scott Brosius, and Jose Canseco.

It was a day of good news and bad news for Rich "Goose" Gossage, the reliever who is creeping ever so close to his day in the Cooperstown sun. The bad news is that this time, Gossage came up 21 votes shy of the 75 percent needed to ascend to the Hall. The good news is that with a much thinner ballot next year, Gossage seems to be on the cusp. In 2008, Tim Raines and David Justice are the cream of the freshman class.

On the ballot for the eighth year, the Goose came in at 71.2 percent, an increase from his 64.6 percent a year ago. In the history of the BBWAA Hall of Fame voting, no candidate has ever received at least 70 percent in an election without eventually gaining a place in Cooperstown. Most recently, Don Sutton (73.2 percent in 1997) and Gaylord Perry (72.1 percent) were elected the very next year.

Don Mattingly recieved enough votes to be carried onto next years ballot with 9.9%.

Unfortunately for O'Neill, Canseco (was it the roids?), and Brosius, they will not be cast on future ballts as the three did not meet the minimum %5 ballot.

Rich "Goose" Gossage...(388) 71.2%
Don Mattingly...............(54) 9.9%

Paul O'Neill..................(12) 2.2%
Jose Canseco...............(6) 1.1%
Scott Brosius................(0) 0%

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BallHype: hype it up! Posted by Steve Kenul at 5:58 PM


  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 6:40 PM  
    I heard Big Mac didn't do too well.
  • Blogger Steve Kenul posted at 6:43 PM  
    Around 23% of the ballot. The steroids scandal really did him in. This is going to create some more controversy. Just wait till Barry goes up for election...
  • Anonymous Dawg Pound posted at 2:54 PM  
    Very nice layout. You may want to update your BlogMad account, as it still points to your old address.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Anonymous Sammy Sosa posted at 5:21 PM  
    Sadly? Sadly no NY Yankees were called?? Jeter rules, but the rest of them are bums
  • Blogger Steve Kenul posted at 5:31 PM  
    Lol, Jeter rules. Must be a rookie fan, or someone who only knows that Jeter is a Yankee. Hop off of the Yankee Hater bandwagon and do some research before you make another attempt at heckling.
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