Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cabrera Talks May End Fast

The Yankees and the Florida Marlins have been talking about the possibility of bring over third baseman Miguel Cabrera.
Cabrera (.320/34/119) could bring in a potential bat with improved offense and is a lifetime .313 hitter, however, his fielding percentage is not something to be admired.
Cabrera, a four-time NL All-Star, committed a career high 32 errors while sporting a .941 fielding percentage.
Last year A-Rod committed 24 errors while having a fielding percentage of .937.

The Marlins are asking for a high price.
Not just any pitching, but the pitching the Yankees have been developing in the minors that made a huge impact on this years team.

In order for Cabrera to join the Yankees, the Yankees would have to give up one of the following: Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, or Ian Kennedy.

My thoughts exactly.


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BallHype: hype it up! Posted by Steve Kenul at 5:00 PM


  • Blogger K.K. posted at 8:30 PM  
    You wouldn't trade a prospect for Miguel Cabrera?! The guy is like 24 years old!

    I probably wouldn't trade Hughes or Chamberlain, but I'm tempted to part with Ian Kennedy. I'd much rather flip a Humberto Sanchez-type: one of the players that the Yankees have that aren't battle-tested yet

    I wonder about taking Cabrera, because he has what we call "zero speed" - he's a base to base player. I'm almost wondering whether it'd be worth it to move Cano to third and bringing up Jose Tabata and sticking him in second (or if Tabata can play 3rd, that'd be even better - Jeter's going to be here for awhile, so keeping him as a "shortstop of the future" seems a bit futile if he's really the best positional player they have in the minors)
  • Blogger Steve Kenul posted at 11:59 PM  
    I wouldn't part with Kennedy. Two reasons:
    1) MiLB Pitcher of the Year 2007
    2) #1 draft pick by the Yankees, ahead of Chamberlain.
  • Blogger K.K. posted at 12:49 AM  
    Chamberlain ONLY lasted that long because at the time he had injury issues.

    Like I said, I'd rather part with say Humberto Sanchez or Russ Olendorf (however that's spelled)

    I think Kennedy is the one they're going to offer in their attempt at Santana though... Chamberlain is definitely untouchable to the Yankees, and for some reason, I think Hughes has the ability to be more dominant than Kennedy...I have no idea why I think that though.
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