Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dump Kei Igawa

Why the Yankees signed this horrible pitcher, I have no idea, but this is one of the worst pitchers I have seen on the Yankees staff since the 1996 team.
They say this guy won the Japanese version of the Cy Young, must have been one terrible year for pitchers.

Get rid of Kei Igawa, he is a waste of time and money and can't pitch at all. A very stupid mistake by the management.

This guy is really fucking pathetic and needs to go back to Japan and throw batting practice to little leaguers, which he does during games anyway.
Who the hell came up with the idea of signing him? Cashman, was it you? Real smart, next time you have those ideas, let them go. This guy was probably one of the worst signings in Yankees history next to Mike Myers.
Cashman, you should not have ANY ruling over pitchers. You sign an old pitcher, who throws like an old pitcher (Mussina), you sign Clemens to a ridiculous contract and probably the second most dumbass thing you have done.
You, along with Igawa need to be removed from the Yankees.
If you trade either Chein-Ming Wang, Joba Chamberlin, Phil Hughes, or Ian Kennedy, then you will become the biggest idiot in sports history.

Get rid of Igawa and Cashman, and we have a World Series.


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  • Blogger K.K. posted at 6:33 AM  
    Any shot against Mike Myers will have me on your side, dude. Kei Igawa torched my fantasy team, and I'm only JUST beginning to recover, now that almost the whole season is done. Who knew like 3 weeks of him could be so devastating...

    I hate to think it was just Dice-K envy to get Kei Igawa... After all, this guy DID win the Japanese equivalent of the Cy young once or twice. Maybe he's just not up to the New York spotlight, and could thrive somewhere else - maybe trade him? 4 million a year isn't an impossible salary for a lefty who can go 6 innings
  • Anonymous sir jorge posted at 6:59 PM  
    yes...time to drop him
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