Monday, May 14, 2007

The Perfect Line-Up

Many managers have different ways of setting up their line ups before a game. Most of them follow the hitter-hitter-RBI-power method for the first four slots, but there is an even better way.

Joe Torre, read carefully...

The Lead-off Hitter:
Derek Jeter
The lead-off hitter should not be the batter with the highest batting average, but instead the batter with the highest on-base percentage.
Lead-off hitters should specialize in taking pitchers deep into a count so the other hitters have more chances to see what the pitcher is throwing and also to get a feel of his release point. The lead-off hitters job is also of course to get on base.
Most people will send up a singles hitter to the plate, but what a manager really should do is send p a batter who has a high walk ratio as well a good hitter. Base running is a huge plus, although the next hitter should make the running easier.
The lead-off hitter should rake in around 170 hits with 100 bases on balls and a few hit by pitches wouldn't hurt either.

The Second Hitter:
Robinson Cano
This spot should be reserved for the high average hitter who can get on base while successfully hitting the ball enabling the lead-off hitter to possibly advance to third for an easy set up to score the first run. The second should not be a power hitter, as the line up will call for them in a different slot.

The Third Hitter:
Alex Rodriguez
This is where you clean up hitter should be. Pure RBI in this position and nothing else. If by chance that both hitters before this one reaches base, runs could score. This hitter has already seen what the pitcher throws and is already prepared on what to expect. One swing of the bat could send runners across. This batter needs to have a low double play ratio.

The Fourth Hitter:
Jorge Posada
This hitter is pure power and needs to be a threat in the line up. His main job is run manufacturing and setting himself up for a great night. With a power hitter in this position, he protects the third hitter from intentional walks. The fourth hitter should have a low two-out ratio.

The Fifth Hitter:
Hideki Matsui
This hitter is a specialized hitter who combines both extra-base hits and on-base percentage. A combination of the first three hitters. One who can get into scoring position easy while driving in runs. This batter needs not to be a speedy runner, but one who has the power to hit doubles.

The Sixth and Seventh Hitters:
Bobby Abreu, Jason Giambi
These hitters are to be placed almost like the second and third hitter. The sixth one is to have a high on-base percentage and the seventh hitter should rank third or fourth in the team in RBI.

The Eighth Hitter:
Doug Mientkiewicz
For National League line-ups, this is a prime position for the pitcher. It doe snot matter if he is the third out or the first out, either way, the fast players will bat next.
For American League line-ups, you weakest hitter should bat here.

The Ninth Hitter:
Johnny Damon
Speed, speed, speed. The faster the player, the better he fits this role. This hitter should be a decent hitter who can steal bases often. The ninth position is not one to be ridiculed at or demeaning, but one of strategy.

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I have used this line up while coaching little league and I sport a 19-2-1 record with an undefeated 2006 while claiming the city title.



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  • Blogger K.K. posted at 12:24 AM  
    Jeter can hit for more power than Damon, which is why he's number 2, right? Plus, Posada isn't really a power hitter - just a very good hitter who is on a great roll right now.
  • Blogger hotdogman posted at 10:57 PM  
    Maybe you ought to have your Little Leaguers give Cashman a call. If they can't help the Yankees, maybe they could do a better job than he's done putting a team together.

    If Clemens shows up and the Yankees still suck, was he ever really there?
  • Blogger James Willis posted at 9:17 AM  
    how can you call this a perfect lineup when you 10.5 games outta 1st place?
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