Monday, September 17, 2007

Hated Yankees

From ESPN Page 2:

17. Ed Whitson, New York Yankees: High-priced free agent mercilessly booed and heckled by Yankees fans both for his on-field failures and for breaking manager Billy Martin's arm in a bar fight. To this day, Whitson refuses to sign any pictures or baseball cards showing him in a Yankees uniform.

18. Kenny Rogers, New York Yankees: Ed Whitson with fewer death threats.

19. Jeff Weaver, New York Yankees: Kenny Rogers with fewer death threats.

20. Kevin Brown, New York Yankees: Two incidents stand out in Yankees fans' memory -- Brown breaking his hand and missing the end of the 2004 season after punching a wall in anger, and Brown returning for the playoffs that season, only to last less than two innings before getting pulled in the Bombers' loss to the Red Sox.

21. Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees: Sure, they love him now. But just wait until he goes 49-for-50 with 49 homers and 150 RBIs in the playoffs, only to make the final out of Game 7 of the World Series. Then we'll know that A-Rod the Choker never left us.

22. Kyle Farnsworth, New York Yankees: Google "Kyle Farnsworth" and "The Dugout" and you'll gain a better understanding of the Yankees' goggle-wearing arsonist. It's hard to say what would be a bigger long shot for Professor Farnsworth: an All-Star appearance or a Mensa membership.

23. Hideki Irabu, New York Yankees: When your team's owner calls you a fat toad in the media, things probably aren't going so well.

24. Kei Igawa, New York Yankees: Yes, he's another Japanese pitcher who was horribly overpaid by the Yankees, then failed miserably on the mound. On the plus side, he's pretty slim.

25. Carl Pavano, New York Yankees: He's been totally unfair to Yankees fans -- most of the players on this list have the courtesy to actually play once in a while and receive their boos.


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  • Blogger K.K. posted at 1:03 AM  
    Farnsworth is emblematic of all the horrible middle relievers that they have had. I don't know how much the blame needs to shift to Torre, or if it's truly a case of middle relievers having a shelf life of about 2 years.
  • Blogger Lisa posted at 8:53 AM  
    I hate that Farnsworth actually has great stuff, but we cannot count on him (or on most of our middle relief) consistently. It's a problem it seems we've had forever.
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