Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This is for all the guys and girls that have been cheated on, boy do I have a story for you.

Ok, I got married back in February this year and thought that I would have a great marriage. My wife just got out of an abusive relationship that involved a trip to the ER and drug abuse.

Mistake 1 - Bad history.

We got married after only one month of knowing each other.

Mistake 2 - To soon

After about a month or so after marriage, she got her kid back form her abusive ex boyfriend and almost got into a fight with the house sitter. That itself isn't much of a mistake because I gladly accepted her child as mine. Good thing I never adopted him.
So, a couple months pass by and she starts spending late night hours on the internet.

Mistake 3 - Poor habits.

About four months into our marriage, I check her email and see a letter she wrote to her exhusband saying that she wants to be part of his family again.

Mistake 4 - Forgiving her.

We get into a huge fight that I eventually gave up on because she did not want to talk about it.

Mistake 5 - secrets.

I let it go by. So then she starts going to the gym for no reason; she was a very petite girl and did not need to work out.

Mistake 6 - the first sign of an affair

So then another month goes by and she starts chatting with guys in the late hours while I was sleeping.

Mistake 7 - the second sign of an affair.

Last month I see a bunch of emails that were sexually explicit to a guy stationed in Iraq.

Mistae 8 - there is defiently somehting going on, and it's not with just one person.

So, we get into a huge fight one night because she claimed to be out of gas in a city about 1.5 hours away and had to ask for gas money. Apparently she got enough gas to come back with over a half a tank full. ALSO, she gave me a call midnight before that event and told me she was tired after waking up from a nap while she was visiting her ex with her kid.

Mistake 9 - Defiently cheating with a third guy.

She comes back , we fight and I finally kickeed her out of the house.

Mistake 10 - wait, this isn't a mistake, I finally opened my eyes.

Now I am finding out a lot of shit that she did while we were married. She cheated on my through the emails as explained above, she cheated on me with a random guy she knew from high school three months into our marriage and took off the wedding rings, and she cheated on me as I headed to Illinios. That's three guys in a span of six months.

What the fuck am I, flavor of the fucking month!?!? I can't believe I put all this trust in here only for her to shit on me. I did nothing wrong in the marriage and the only reason why I checked her emails is because I started suspecting things. And I have a right to know is she is having [multiple] affairs behind my back.
But here is what I did...

...I threw her out of the apartment, packed up all her belongings, well, most of them, and when they arrive in New York where I will be waiting, I will throw them all away. I will not support her financially because she does not deserve it. I guess I did the right thing and got lazy because I never added her to my bank account, I neve adopted her kid, and I never gave her health insurance. Her teeth are rotted away from her past drug use and her tail bone is fractured from an abusive ex.
But thats not all. Let me explain the guy she was with before we got married. He is a child abuser (shot his daughter with paintball and BB guns, and neglected her after school to th epoint where the sun had set and she was still waiting for her dad. He is an animal abuser because he hit his pet dog over and over again with a lead pipe and got shot at by paintballs and BB guns. He is a spouse abuser because when she was with his, he chocked her, fractured her tailbone, and forced her to labor with cooking and cleaning. And finally he is a drug abuser. He owns a meth lab, nuff said.
Ok, she goes to a club with her other friends, but instead of coming back with them, she stays with her ex, and undoubtably, fucks him.
This is the ex that I was just talking about.
The day I left the apartment, I left a nasty letter basically telling her to fuck off. She did just that, she fucked some one in my apartment.

Why am I telling you all this? I want the world to know that people like her exist and to watch out for them. If you even suspect infidelity, then beware. I got screwed over three times by three different guys, all in a span of six months. And I highly suspect there is more. So beware, learn from my nine mistakes, and solve it before you reach mistake one.
Apparently my soon to be exwife cannot be in a relationship, but more of a free fuck.

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  • Blogger TaraMetBlog posted at 1:13 PM  
    Yikes i'm sorry to hear that. People can be terrible to the ones they are supposed to care about. That's the thing with baggage, not only does to come with someone you end up taking it on too and bringing it along to the next person. It's like when you check your bag at the airport and all the other people who have to handle it along the way before it gets to its destination. Yup that was a big metaphor but have had some experience taking on someone else baggage and then having it become my own. It's a never ending cycle, sucks.
  • Blogger bozette posted at 11:56 AM  
    OMG you are on 25 peeps I was just there and saw you.
    And I clicked for ya
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