Thursday, May 18, 2006

Increase Traffic

So you want to increase traffic to your blog. You spent many countless hours setting up, fine tuning, and adding lines upon lines of code to your template, yet you still get those three visitors that have seen your blog already. I was there once averaging 68 visitors a week. After what I am about to tell you, you may see a 200% increase like I did, I average about 348 visitors per week now.

1 - First, you need to have a theme going that you are knowledgeable in, whether it be your life, sports, technology, or politics. Don't post anything that says the new Nokia x8745 came out and it is cool, go more in depth, take the time to read all about the x8745 and understand the capabilities, then post it. I honestly don't care if you think it's cool. What makes it cool, is there a built in camera, games, Bluetooth internet? Why is it so cool?
Same with sports, who cares if Jorge Posada hit a game-winning home run to win the game, how did it wind up so that Posada did hit it, did the Yankees come back from a deficit, was it a scoreless game, why was it important?
Be knowledgeable about what you say, the more info you provide, the better. You may have more info combined from other sites that your very own post contains better information than the actual Nokia or Yankees site.

2 - Comment. People like to see what others have to say, unless you are a troll with nothing to do but bitch all day. Tell them how interested you are in the Nokia or even ask questions. People will most likely go to your site to answer your question, or out of common courtesy, will visit your site just because you took the time to visit theirs. Do not spam, people hate that, if you post some thing like "I like your site, check out mine at". That's spamming, people hate it.

3 - Ask for opinions. In your posts, ask what others think. Maybe leave the last sentence hanging for more information so visitors will comment and ask why, or what else is there to know.

4 - Personal Opinion. Don't just provide that facts, that hurt my traffic count. Leave in some of your own personal quips. Why do I think the new Nokia is cool, here's what I think. Tell them your own adventures so they can judge stuff on not only facts, but personal experience.

5 - Syndicate. Add an RSS reed to your site. This enables people to subscribe to your site, however, it gets tricky here. Don't send out your entire post, otherwise they have no need to look at your site, send out the first couple lines and make it catchy so they want to go to your site and see what you have done.

6 - Subscribe. There are many blog engines out there. I am a member of over 30 different blog search engines. The largest ones out there so far are Blogexplosion and BlogMad. Submit to those search engines and you'll see a noticeable increase in traffic flow. For even more traffic, you can surf for points meaning that you need to visit other blogs to build up a database of points in which you can spend on banners and increased chances of others seeing your blog. Make friends on the chatboards and recommend your site, but do not spam, people hate that.

Take these words of advice and you will see a definite increase in traffic flow. Advertise your site without spamming, and update regulary. Have fun blogging!

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